Monday, 29 March 2010

You Want It? You Got It.

Sorry for the metalhead, but i couldnt find a picture of a headbanging DJ.

So, some people have been complaining about the lack of variety in the blog's content. They say that we are posting too much house and funk.

Well, what can you do? We all like this genre, some of us make it and we all have extensive collections of it, be it digital or physical. So of course we have to share some of it.

But i will concede, because one of the teams' goals was to add a larger variety to the blog.

So to avoid any more "HURR YOU JUST POST HOUSE, NEVAR READING AGAIN" whines, this post will have some of the dirtiest and glitchiest tracks i have.

To start, Yelle. Ce Jeu is one of her most known tracks, remixed by some great guys, like The Twelves, 80kidz, Tepr, etc.
But the Fisk remix is where its at. Fisk is a british producer, with a set of EP's out and a handful of remixes.
This remix is great, glitchy and energetic from start to finish, keeping the vocals and adding some loops to them.

Yelle - Ce Jeu (Fisk Remix) [click to download]

Now, Shitdisco. I never really cared for the self-proclamed "creators of nu-rave", but the remixes that people made for them are awesome. So awesome, in fact, im posting 2 of them!

The first one is Yuksek's remix of OK. Yuksek puts out great stuff and this one is no exception.
Filled with synthy-goodness and funny sounding vocal loops, it kinda builds up to the end, after the catchy, yet hard to understand vocal breakdown, where all the elements heard before conjoin and make a sweet bouncing track.

Shitdisco - Ok (Yuksek Remix) [click to download]

The second one is Goose's remix of I Know Kung Fu. I have posted this one before, when i talked about Goose, but this remix was glossed over, i think. I dont want that, especially with such a great track.
After some claps and more funny vocal loops, the beat comes in and this sick synth comes in and starts the party. And after the 3:40 breakdown, all hell breaks loose.
But i wont tell you what comes after that. You're gonna have to find out.

Shitdisco - I Know Kung Fu (Goose Remix) [click to download]

Next up, Heads We Dance, one of our favourites and protégés.
I tried posting the Hot Pink Delorean remix of When The Sirens Sound some time ago, but unfortunately it had to be removed. Some more time has passed since the release of the single, so i think its okay to post another remix.
GTRONIC turned this track into an ear-bleeding noise which is not bad at all, if you are into this. If you arent though, i think you should back off.

Heads We Dance - When The Sirens Sound (GTRONIC Remix) [click to download]

Finally, we have Minitel Rose. These guys arent what you would call hardcore, but they did a very hard track.
Continue is melodic at first, but then this bassline comes in and kinda turns things around. Im not sure if its a 303 bassline, but its similar to one. Maybe you should listen for yourself.

Minitel Rose - Continue [click to download]

Enjoy! Next post, Easter Eggs. Better update your browsers before i post that.

Flank my foghorn,


Sam said...

House and funk are the best.

Anonymous said...

Shitdisco never ever proclaimed themselves as creator's of indie rock, they don't even play indie rock...
They were called one of the most important bands of the whole "nu-rave" hype a few years ago (together with bands like Klaxons) but I don't think they ever even claimed that 'title'.
I like this blog but you should really check your sources instead of just writing something.

Alex said...

That it nu-rave, i was rattling my head trying to remember what genre was it, and endeed up writing indie-rock.

Changed already.

Mario said...

Metal head rules.

Here said...

"So to avoid any more "HURR YOU JUST POST HOUSE, NEVAR READING AGAIN" whines, this post will have some of the dirtiest and glitchiest tracks i have."

Some people really react like that ? I mean, I listen to all kind of electro, not only nu disco/funk, if i want to hear a big loud banger, there's tons of other blogs.

Don't try to post what you think people want to hear, post what you like and want people to discover, that's the point of a blog, yes ?

Anyway, keep on posting good music, that yuksek remix is amazing (as all his work imho).

Alex said...

That was an exageration made on purpose, but there were similar whines some time ago.

I post what i like, but so do the other 6 that post here. And what we like is house/funk, and some people dont like it as much as we do, so sometimes, variety is needed.

"Lo QuE No Se PuEdE DeCiR" said...

nice very nice BRAVO

caisa said...

Dont miss Crystal Fighters, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires and more at Kitsune meets Ponystep at Heaven, London on Sunday April 4!

See you there!

Anonymous said...

This post is an epic win

Anonymous said...

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