Sunday, 28 March 2010

Your Music Here

In case you haven't noticed, ilictronix has a pretty sweet community. We're dozens of thousands of music geeks from all over the globe, always looking for the latest tastes, beats, and rare gems. Because of this, ilictronix may be a great place to get noticed.

:D But you're MY zombies!

After introducing the "Featured Artist" element, I realize how great of a tool this blog is for getting new artists out there. So I came up with the following...


You can (at any time) send me a song, I hope you know that by now. But I get dozens of these "tips" a week, it's almost too much to sort through. What's even better than a track? A mix. Yes that's right, a mix, exclusive to this blog.

So if you're looking to get your name out there, or just pick up a few (thousand) more fans, get mixing! If you're a good mix artist, start compiling some sweet songs. Please note that we prefer these mixes to be exclusive to the blog, this way if they get popular, we'll get some recognition as well. And don't just rename a mix to "Ilictronix Mix," that wouldn't be too cool.

This is not an advertisement, or some scheme to help Prez make a few extra dollars, no, that's not at all what this is. I want to give people record deals, or even just get their name out there. Plus, I think having mixes just for this blog would be pretty cool :)

So, again, get on it. Go throw together some songs you'd love to share, and send it my way. Put ilictronix in the title for bonus points.

Take care,


asdfffdsa said...

Good to hear.

I haven't gotten into composing music myself, but I do occasionally send in tracks from other artists who I think deserve more attention or who the ilictronix crowd might enjoy.

Few months ago, I submitted some Cricco Castelli and, a few months before that, some HYKN.

M3311 said...

I have a few mixes on Soundcloud, mostly Owl City, but there will be a Daft Punk one soon.

kill me curious said...

this is my first 'minimix'

i'll try arrange something exclusive and see what happens.

.Cracker said...

Awesome, I just got ableton for this sort of thing. Now are we saying mixtapes only or are remixes and originals a possibility?

Mini a said...

Kid Fancy from TJ personal friend of mine his mix tape will be done soon and he's doing a project with me I'm Mini a were still unnamed but yeah chekc him out.

gnat said...




Anonymous said...

Here you can find two mixes i made. They belongs in the french touch disco funky electro genre. Hope you guys like them.
this one is more chill :
this one is more dancefloor :

Sharilewis said...

That would be pretty cool awesome post.

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Delwar said...

I will submit some of my music here.
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