Friday, 26 March 2010

The Zombie Is Back

I first heard Kavinsky when I first joined Myspace back in early 2008 when I first started my Boba Fettuccini band account. I was going through adding bands as friends that I saw on other profiles I was already connected with, when I saw this little sprite animation that said 'Kavinsky' above it. Judging by the name and picture, I was expecting something awesome, and when I listened to 'Grand Canyon' and 'Kavinsky vs. MIA'... I was HOOKED. But it was 2008. 1986 and Teddy Boy had both come out, and after I got my hands on them, I wanted more. More never came.

But then, in late 2009, rumor of a Kavinsky LP started circulating around the darkest corners of the internet (otherwise known as The Daft Club...) and then it was revealed that a new P.C.H. EP would be released. This soon changed to be the Nightcall EP that just hit iTunes, and does not fail to disappoint at all. The zombie DJ/vigilante-superhero-guy has pulled through, and risen from the dead (ok, not dead- just partying with the Ed Banger crew a lot) and delivered us a taster of his new album.

Of course, the title track, Nightcall, is HARDLY news to anyone, as it's been leaked and blogged every which way for weeks now. Neither are the Breakbot remix, or Pacific Coast Highway, for that matter. But the mysterious Jackson and Dustin N'Guyen remixes pose an interesting question: who are these people? We'll answer that later. Now we're just going to tackle this EP track by track.

I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel. Well, I can tell you I feel fairly strong about this track. Nightcall is catchy, typical Kavinsky taken to the next level. For the first time ever, we have vocals, which, though cheesy as heck, add an amazing new element to the music that has never been there before. I feel that this track fell a little short of where it could have been. Having heard numerous times it was being produced by Guyman, I really would have expected a little more. Still a fun track, though.

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Pacific Coast Highway is an interesting track. We get the tried and true Kavinsky formula of arpeggios, synth guitars, and samples from weird driving videos. In the case of this one, I have rather strong memories of having seen the video that the audio clips here are from, though I can't remember where, sadly. Probably Youtube. I feel that this was a far more complete track than Nightcall, despite the lack of vocals. It just shows more work and vision, I think. It's not my favorite track on the EP, but I think it's probably the better of the two originals.

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway

Who is Dustin N'Guyen? My guess is as good as any blogger's, but I've seen the theory that it's a pseudonym of Guyman. It's also been suggested that it's Xavier de Rosnay of Justice, but I highly doubt that, as the track seems to lack any resemblance to Justice productions at all... when you produce, you know your favorite techniques, and I think we'd be able to tell. At any rate, this is Nightcall 2.0. For the most part, it's just Nightcall but sped up, but there are a few differences including a synthesized guitar solo and some different vocals not heard in the original. It's good... but I think I prefer the original, honestly. This, regardless of who produced it, is a rather novice-sounding FL edit for the most part.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix)

Who is Jackson? I'll tell you who I think it is: Xavier. This track bears lots of similarities to Justice's tracks. Just listen in at about 0:37, the way the chords hits are arranged should instantly remind you of Justice. NOTE: It has been pointed out that this is actually Jackson from Jackson And His COmputer Band. Hm. Guess I need to catch up on my electro, I'd never heard of him. Probably the only true banger on the EP, this track bring Kavinsky's ideas to new playground of distortion, compression, gating, and all sorts of production that had probably never touched a Kavinsky recording before. It's a terrific remix, though the TV clips just sound out of place. Regardless, this is easily my 2nd favorite track on the EP.

Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix)

Your parents probably explained their reasoning behind placing dessert after dinner numerous times in your early childhood. The save-the-best-for-last idea is totally accurate, and Kavinsky's EP goes out with a bang in theform of the Breakbot remix, which is easily the best piece of production on the EP. It's not synthpop, and it's realy not electro. It has that 80s sound, but this harkens to more of an 80s funk sound than anything else. If you like elctronic music and don't like this, you should just stop reading this blog, because we do FUNK here. DISCO. Take your idiotic thirst for electrotrash elsewhere, BECAUSE I WILL DIE BEF- Ok, getting a bit carried away there. But honestly, this song belongs on every iPod.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

Final analysis: Great EP, a good listen from beginning to end. It lost some points though with its rather weak opening. As a rule of thumb, I really don't think that any remix should ever be better than the original, and that definitely happened on this EP. Minor issues, though. I'm pumped for the album.
Total EP score: 4.1/5


ferrenl said...

Nice review. Although Dustin N'Guyen is a misterious guy, Jackson is not Xavier. Jackson = Jackson, alias Jackson & His Computer Band:

Here said...

Was gonna say the exact same thing Ferrenl :(

Can't believe you've never heard of jackson, his tracks are amazing, check out Rock on, or Hard tits.

prez jordan said...

Breakbot remix is incredible.

Walnut said...

yeah... jackson is jackson... not xavier.

good ole blogs

does anyone else not like "nightcall"?

prez jordan said...

I sense some douchery in that comment :)

I love nightcall.

Walnut said...

not trying to be a douche, i just feel like i'm missing something and i was wondering if anyone else felt the same. i loved 1986, just not digging the new stuff so far

ferrenl said...

The original Nightcall is different but the remixes really got the 80s feeling. PCH is more like the thing he did before and still catchy.

kronosprod said...

Hi guys!

N'Guyen = Xavier de Rosnay ;)

Sure 100%


Absentees said...

have a listen to Jackson & His Computer Band "Smash" album.
its amazing.

death said...