Thursday, 1 April 2010

Birdy Nam Nam


Oh thank God. My internet connection is finally working again. Properly.

Let's get down to business.

Birdy Nam Nam are a group of turntabalists from France, who do some really, really incredible things with custom pressed vinyl. They've won the DMC Technics World Team Championships. They're named after a line from 'The Party'. They're pretty darn great.

They recently released 'Manual for Successful Rioting' - These are a few of my favorites from the album:

Birdy Nam Nam - Bonne Nouvelle [click to download]

And, the final track, produced by Justice.

Oh, also, I'll be opening for Steve Aoki (along with Lapse, Haezer and GraveDanger) for the first show of his South African tour tomorrow night. Expect a report back with my complete DJ mix from the show soon!



prez jordan said...

Damn good tracks, and best of luck for your set tomorrow night!

Phil said...

Thanks Prez!

I'll be representing Ilictronix for sure!

Nite said...

HOLY SHI- My mind= Blown. ive always avoided them because of the weird name. What a huge mistake that was! i'll listen to them more often

Mr. Brown said...

Finally a high quality parachute ending, thanx Phil, make Aoki look like an amature tomorrow, I'm rooting for you.

untra said...

Spin it fast and hard tomorrow phil!

Anonymous said...

Ñam Ñan! Its a Ñ!

Here said...

@anonimous : there's not Ñ in french :p

I was really hoping that someone talk about them here, they are really amazing, be sure to check their first album too (called Birdy Nam Nam) it's more "jazzy" but some tracks are like epic, in exemple.

Another amazing 4 DJ thing is C2C : . (And the side project of Pfel and Atom, Beattorrent is nice too).

Good luck for tonight by the way, someone that like BNN can't fail !

Alex said...

Great tracks, you can easily recognize the track that Justice produced, with that kick.

Good luck for your set, destroy Aoki!

Champiness said...

Awesome for you Phil! Glad to see this blog is so involved in the "scene". You were a good choice for my replacement. :D