Saturday, 24 April 2010

Can't Keep Me On Hold

Ladies and gentlemen. I was going to post some teasers from Bobby Analog's "Bare Back Jack" EP (fucking fantastic, btw) but this track is simply too good to ignore any longer.

Magna, one of PGR's newer additions, has been churning out disco house for just a few short months, and already he's crafted his first veritable banger. I present to you, Power Supply:

Magna - Power Supply

This sounds like the sweet sounds of Poka and The Phantom's Revenge having an orgy at Fake Blood's house with Oizo DJing in the background.

I challenge you to find me a better track than this. Go ahead. I'm waiting.
(Also: Magna appears to be looking for remixers. His MySpace is here. Go get 'em. :D)

Blood running cold,


untra said...

mother of god... this is spectacular!

Here said...

oh god. Amazing, seriously wow.

Nite said...

That is an amazing track i should say, and im not a huge fan of disco house, so thats really saying something there.

Magna said...

Thank you guys so much! Glad you like it!

Deejay Perrier said...

Quite the description :)

Tyson said...

It's a good track, but I'm not a fan of the mixdown... I had the feeling I was listening to a radio rip. It's like there are no low sounds :(

Neohouse said...

Nice song! Luv it! I have heard to the ch1m3r4's remix too... both are cool tracks :D

Anonymous said...

Where can I download this? Truly amazing.