Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Steve Aoki South Africa Report Back Spectacular


So. Friday was quite something. I'm pleased to say that everything went off without a hitch, everyone played great sets, and I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time.

As it turns out, Steve Aoki is a pretty nice guy. I would also say, surprisingly... unassuming. Or at least, that was my experience. But holy shit, when he gets up on stage, and grabs that mic, and starts doing the scream-along to Warp - It's quite something. Great performer. His set definitely had some hit and miss moments though - his close association with all the acts on Dim Mak bleeding through clearly - often leading to an unfortunately homogenized sound. Which is not entirely unexpected, hell, maybe it's exactly what you wanted.

But hey.

Either way, my part of the show went very well indeed. Having said that - here's my set from the night:


1. Baby I'm yours feat. Irfane - Breakbot
2. Daftendirekt - Daft Punk
3. Kim - My Family (Alb Remix)
4. AM / FM - Strip Steve
5. Erreurjean feat Error Smith -Mr. Oizo
6. 1999 - Cassius
7. Gym Tonic (Laidback Luke Bootleg) - Thomas Bangalter and Bob Sinclair
8. Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix) - Uffie
9. Transmission (Redial Remix) - Boys Noize
10. Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
11. Mystery Meat Affair - Zombie Nation
12. Knights Of Cydonia (Feed Me Remix) - Muse
13. EEAA - Shinichi Osawa
14. Ghostbusters (BBTS Remix) - Ray Parker jr.
15. Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen Remix) - Kavinsky
16. Divebomb (French/BBTS Edits) - The Whip
17. Robot Rock - Daft Punk
18. United (Instrumental Mix) - Raw Man and Blanche
19. Radio Controlled - Zombie Nation
20. Human After All (Guy Man After All Justice Remix) - Daft Punk
21. Fucked From Above 1985 - The Bloody Beetroots
22. Masurao (Shinichi Osawa Remix) - DJ Ozma
23. Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix) - ZZT
24. Beautiful Fighters (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Ayumi Hamasaki
25. Lose Control (Mr. Oizo Bootleg) - Missy Elliott
26. Stylo (Alex Metric Remix) - Gorillaz
27. Put That Pussy On Me (Acapella) - Spank Rock
28. Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix) - The Proxy
29. Washing Up (Tiga Remix) - Tomas Andersson
30. Interruptafunk - Battle Beyond the Stars



P.s. In case you think I'm simply going to ignore the other DJs who played on the night, I have a whole separate post planned focusing on my favorite Cape Town based DJs and producers. Look forward to it soon!


untra said...

Ive been needing a nice long dj set to work to for awhile now! Excellent set Phil!

Here said...

Nice set Phil !

Mtti said...

Yo Phil

nice set, just a teany bit jealous i missed it live.

Anonymous said...

steve aoki....rly? -.- *sigh*

Anonymous said...

really nice job, but please write Thomas Bangalter instead of Bob Sinclair for Gym Tonic ;)

Alex said...

Great set, Phil!
Doesnt matter what Aoki played, i would like your set better if i was there.

Phil said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you guys like it.

Also, love or hate him, as people seem to do, I'm simply letting you know what the show was like. Aoki or no Aoki.

And as far as Gym Tonic goes-

You certainly have a point, but I'm going to be a fence sitter and credit both. Which I think is fair.

Champiness said...

Congrats! Hope you had a nice time playing, and from the sound of your set you're exactly the kind of DJ I hope to be someday.

Anonymous said...

digging the set, where can i find that ray parker jr. remix?