Saturday, 3 April 2010

Thanks to You, Kid

So apparently in a strange combination of random keystrokes, I erased my entire mailbox. Luckily, I'm pretty on top of everything, so the stuff deleted was stuff I'd never reply to anyway :P So I'll consider it a great way to clean up.

To show that I do in fact read my inbox/twitter messages/shoutbox, here are some great tunes I've stumbled upon, thanks to my loyal readers.

To kick things off, how about a mix? I recently asked you guys to send me some mixes for the blog. While this one was not made FOR the blog, it's still pretty great. Unfortunately, I lost all the info from that email, so I'll just shut up and post the track :) Hopefully this gets some exposure, it's pretty great.

DJ Subset - 30 Minutes To Mars [click to download]

Next, a remix from my favorite phantom. Props go to Korbi for posting this. It's starts off pretty action-packed and pulsing, like any other TPR track, but eventually gives Calvin Harris the justice he deserves for his vocals. Also, the title is a mouthful, and hysterical. Enjoy.

Calvin Harris - Stars Come Out (The Phantom's Revenge Nothing To Do On Saturday Afternoon Bootleg) [click to download]

Next is one of the best remixes I've heard in a long time. From the funky side of Youth Attack comes some amazing French House talent, and this remix is no exception. The breaks blend so flawlessly with each other, and the rhythm is just great. A bajillion thumbs up from me indeed. To top it all off, this track was mastered by the great Tommie Sunshine.

Spiller - Groovejet [Ghosts Of Venice Edit] [click to download]

And lastly, I have a true rare gem from the pre-new-millennium house movement. Again, I lost all of the information for this track from the "reckoning" in my email inbox. Hopefully the fan who sent this to me can provide that same info in the comments section :) It's very light and soulful, which will definitely make it stand out in the post.

Paul Rayner - Feel Me [click to download]

So that about does it. Again, feel free to email me anything at anytime. Please, oh god please, don't just add me to another mailing list, because I can tell whether or not it's spam. Make it personal enough, and I might listen to what you have to offer :P

Remember, all credit goes to my loyal fans. All I do is write about it :) So thanks guys, I mean it.

Cheers - and don't forget to comment,


Wulf said...

Feel Me is RAVE AS HELLL!!!!!! I love it! =D

Claude Van Foxbat said...

don't lie prez, you just hate all of us e-mailing you :P
Anyway I was the one who sent Feel Me, here's a re-post of the info for I gave:

Feel Me, an old-ish house track straight outta england from 1997.
this IS an exclusive track to illictronix, as it is NOWHERE on the internet. At All. except for youtube.

unfortuantley it was never released, It floated around the underground house scene of england late 1998 (and still pops up occasionally today). people typically gained this track, and tracks like it, through DJs giving lots of tracks on unmarked CDs or tapes to friends and fans, I had one of these CDs and obviously due to tech. limitations and the many times it had been copied it wasn't the quality it could be. it became a sort of anthem for us. nobody knew who recorded it, or where it appeared originally

I decided to track it down earlier this year, figuring that it must have been released on something, but after checking discogs and such this was not the case.
I only found it on youtube, there were a couple but the first was uploaded by Rayner himself. I messaged him, I told him of my history and love with the song, how I could find no record of it's release, and how I've lost the unmarked CD with it on. that was when he offered to send me the source file, at 320KB/s. naturally I jumped at the chance, and Paul gave me this backstory for the song:

im just uploading to you now
its really special to me that this tune has a meaning to you,and that it still gives you enjoyment,amazing :)

i wrote this tune for a friend called ruth(toots) back in 93/94
and also it was a big tune in leicester when i lived there,my dj friend always played it and it was the first time i had really seen what my music could do to a dancefloor,

like i said it was for ruth,in 95 she was diagnosed with the worse kind of Multiple sclerosis (MS), she died a few years ago,so when i hear it i feel her presence,she was a trully amazing this is why its so meaningfull to me.

i want to do a 2010 rework but it would be very hard as i get emotional with this tune....but i will do a 2010 rework soon,and donate all of the proceeds to MS charities..

anyway its great to have connected with you thru this amazing tune...

stay in touch

peace and thanks :)


that's all there is to say about Feel Me really, the house track that defines the late ninties house scene across england that has a deeper meaning than what you would expect

Cheets said...

I'm really digging the GoV remix of Groovejet. It's like it took the best bits of the original song and made it into a really funky track - not straying too far from the source material. Really great remix.

Attack Yourself! said...

That story is amazing.

bladebreezy380 said...

tpr trak is once again off the hook!!
thx again 4 all you guys do

Here said...

Feel me is just... woah.

Jamie said...

Not much at all done to the Groovejet song from the original version.

lilerniegroove said...

damn dat story on "feel me", was deep:(! I was digging da cut, but now I'm feeling it 4 real! Da groovejet cut actually aint no different from the extended version, but its always good to hear a classic again. TPR, money came through again..rspx

georgeeliot said...

Nice ghoulish article … very fitting for the season and impressively damn interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Thats why Groovejet is called an Edit... and not a Remix...