Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dancethink? I think so.

How many of you have ever heard of a band called My Dear Disco? I first discovered them when searching for remixes of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown last year.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (My Dear Disco Remix) [click to download]

I discovered they also had an album, but I decided not to buy at that time, a decision I now regret. They didn’t really come back into my life until several weeks ago when I noticed that Todd Edwards’ new single EP, I might Be, contained a remix by My Dear Disco, which I remembered had done an incredible job on Love Lockdown, so I eagerly grabbed the new single (Free Todd Edwards? Hell yeah. Free remix of Todd Edwards by a good remixer? Double hell yeah.)

Todd Edwards - I Might Be (My Dear Disco Remix) [click to download]

I never expected to really get too much further into the whole thing, until my Monday night psychology class at the community college. I noticed a poster on the Student Events bulletin board that showed a large graphic of a distinctly 80s-ish pair of legs, complete with leg warmers and leggings. “Campus Awareness Day Spring Fling and 80s costume party” the notice read. At the very bottom, included almost as an afterthought were the words, “with live music by My Dear Disco”. Hot diggity dog! The community college booked a non-lame band for once! I was going.

An issue arose, though. The timing would cut very close to my math tutoring, and would possibly make me late, or even have to miss it outright. A certain Todd Edwards, via Facebook comments, assured me that skipping out on math would be worth it for an opportunity to hear MDD live. I went. I was late, but miraculously made it to math tutoring AND caught the whole concert (well, except the part I was late for). I was disappointed… disappointed in the fact that they were flipping AMAZING, and NOBODY seemed to give a rip about them until they played a Michael Jackson cover. THAT got everyone on their feet, but they promptly went back to ignoring the band when they started playing their own music again. Yeah, guys, they aren’t quality musicians or anything. Don’t bob your head or anything. When they finished their first set, the applause was more like what you’d expect for a solo acoustic guitar player in some open mic coffee shop environment.

Oh well, I enjoyed it. I also grabbed a CD and t-shirt! Well, not grabbed… I did pay for them, and I’m glad I did. Their debut album, Dancethink LP, is astoundingly great as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a couple good listens:

My Dear Disco - White Lies [click to download]

My Dear Disco - For Your Love [click to download]

From what I understand, they have a new EP coming out soon, and you can get a free 128 kbps MP3s of the tracks on their page. I think this might just be the free preview. I'm hoping it gets an official release so we can get some decent 320's.

You should buy Dancethink :)

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tommy tea said...

holy shit! saw them at moe.down music festival in upstate NY last summer. they were pretty crisp live