Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[IFA] May / June 2010: Le Principle

I promise, it's worth the wait...really.

"My name is Garrett Shrigley, I live in Chicago, and I make house music under the name Le Principle."

I found out about Le Principle a few months ago when watching a webcast of our pal Ghosts Of Venice. Regrettably, I had never heard of this fellow before, and by god am I upset about that. With a fresh twist and powerful sound in the disco-house scene, I hope Le Principle stays around for a real, real long time.


> How long have you been in the business?
When I was eleven years old my best friend Fina and I downloaded Fruity Loops
studio and made Hip-hop beats as a joke for two years, I guess you could call
that the beginning...but I started getting serious when I was a Sophomore in high school with programs like Reason and Logic and started making my first house tracks.

> What was life like before music?
Dark and meaningless.

> First track that inspired you is...?
I don't know, I would love to say "Shit man I was listening to Derrick May's
Strings of Life when I was 7!" but in reality I think the first album I ever
bought myself was Will Smith's "Big Willy Style", and we all know how inspiring
that album is.

> Name an album you currently cannot stop playing.
For some reason I have really been hooked on a Bossa Nova kick for the past two months. Currently my favorite album is Previsao Do Tempo by Marcos Valle. I've gotten opportunity to play in Brazil June 25th and musicians like Marcos Valle and Celso Fonseca make me so excited to visit their home.

> Favorite piece of equipment?
My most cherished piece of equipment is my Roland MC-909. Really convenient to have sequencer/groove-box that not only has sought after patches and sounds, but the ability to sample anything directly into it.

> Any projects in the working? Give us the scoop.
Definitely! there are some heavy ideas blowing around Chicago right now;
Especially being that Good Junk and I are forming a crew/label in hope of
releasing vinyl records in August through Crosstalk Distribution here in Chicago.
A few official remixes in the works for T&A records, Club-A-Club Records, and
even a midwestern & southern US tour starting in June.

> What's in store for modern house music?
I think our generation of house should take the time to take a step back and
recognize the classics. Not to become stuck in a loop or to focus on an old sound, but to grow from the pioneers and then take a step from where they left off.

> Any artists you feel the world should know about?
Definitely my boy Good Junk coming out of Chicago. We are the same age and we really click with ideals and ethics about the music. He is very talented and
needs to speak up more so everyone else can see that for themselves. He has a
release coming out soon for his newest single "No Name Jane" with a huge remix from Dj Eq.

> And lastly, if you weren't a music man, what else would you be doing?
That's a great question because I have no idea.

Garrett, with the power invested in me, I am pleased to present you the title of ilictronix Featured Artist for the months of May and June 2010. Keep in mind, with great power comes great responsibility, so keep at it, bud.

Now the fun begins...music!

First, my personal favorite. This track has appeared in DJ Sets all around the US, most notably - that of Treasure Fingers. It has a crazy cut up sound that just blends so well with everything around it. It's songs like these that make you proud of the music you love.

Le Principle - You Can't Fake It (Original Mix) [click to download]

Next, the track inspired by LP's neighborhood (and more specifically, closest intersection), Divison & Ashland has an original Chicago House feel to it that promises to calm and relax, while simultaneously keeping you coming for more. It's a damn well-crafted track, but we shouldn't expect anything less. This one gets a thumbs up in my book.

Le Principle - Division & Ashland (Original Mix) [click to download]

And next (you may see a trend of more and more filters here) we have The Music, which Garrett notes, "seems to be a favorite amongst other tracks." While I can't 100% agree, this track most certainly reminds me of the first types of House music I had ever added to my collection. For that, it gets some serious bonus points.

Le Principle - The Music (Original Mix) [click to download] (FIXED)

And lastly, a mix exclusive to ilictronix, made for a lovely lady friend of Garrett's. It has a fantastically chill groove to it, and most certainly deserves a spot in your collection. Can't go wrong with something with that much passion to it.

Le Principle - Le Mix 03 - For Her [click to download]

Well, that about does it. I hope you enjoyed this post, and even better if you walk out of here loving something new. Don't forget to nominate someone to be our next featured artist.

And be sure to check out Le Principle and all that he has to offer at the following links.
- Myspace
- Twitter
- Soundcloud
- Blog

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Lucas Hideki Kamei said...

Kamei loves Le Principle! *-*

Boba Fettuccini said...

Dude, Good junk with his own label would be tight. That guy is seriously talented, and it's a shame PGR wasted his first EP. =/

Alex said...

Got a tracklist for the mix?

Deo said...

Whoa, Really great songs. That guy will have success

Eduardo said...
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Eduardo said...

Incredible songs, who does not love house music?.

Here said...

really nice find prez ! the songs are amazing.

Troy said...

that was a good ass interview. big ups le principle!

Ghosts of Venice said...

Mah Boi. Love Garrett.