Saturday, 1 May 2010

Random Post Time!

Ok guys, I'm tired of seeing the same post up on ilictronix for days on end , so im going to save you all with some random tracks i happen to be listening to atm on itunes so get ready to turn on your minds and ears to "shuffle."

Here's some Random Tracks (New or Old) In no particular order:

Pryda - Viro (Original Mix) [click to download]

Moby - One Time We Lived (Moguai Remix) [click to download]

And now for a really rare french house track courtesy of Louis La Roche and his blog.

Da Bitchie Boyz - Le Zeeep (Sebastien Leger Remix) [click to download]

And bring in a Phoenix Remix

Phoenix - 1901 (DLID Customization Remix) [click to download]

And last,but not least, some good ol drums and Herve fun.

Herve - Hot! Drum Attack [click to download]

Chillin to the music,


Grahm said...

Like them all.
Good to see some new stuff on the top of the page too. :-)

untra said...

Thanks for changing the post! my god I was needing new music...