Thursday, 3 June 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Greetings all. How's everything been? Yours truly has been in an especially good mood, but this isn't the time nor place to explain why :) You know what makes me even happier? Funk.

Ever see that movie? (Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different) If not, I definitely recommend check it out.

The Meters are a late 60s - 70s Funk band based in New Orleans. Not entirely famous, the group is regarded as the "popularizers" of funk music, for good reason. Usually at ilictronix we like to post great dance music. However, I'd like you guys to appreciate the "roots" of some of your favorite jams. Without funk, there would be no good disco, and no good disco-house. Not to mention some of your favorite French House tracks would've never existed.

So let's listen to some music, shall we? The first song is the title of the 2-CD anthology album I recently picked up - Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology. It's amazing, has some awesome talkbox, and definitely the funkiest out of the three. Not your cup of tea? Keep on reading, the taste changes - I promise.

The Meters - Funkify Your Life [click to download]

Next is a faster, more uplifting tune that is oh-so-catchy. Has a great intro, along with a more "traditional" - aka modern - layout. The lyrics are pretty nice, and carry a great message. Not a lyrics guy? No problem, the horns and bass are just...perfect.

The Meters - Give It What You Can [click to download]

Lastly is a piano-heavy tune with a strong ragtime influence. To be honest, this track sounds way ahead of its time, even more so when mastered. Not to heavy on the lyrics, this song caters to the soul more and just sounds "fresh." I personally enjoy this one the most, but it's your call :)

The Meters - Cabbage Alley [click to download]

Hope you enjoyed this little "change of pace" and, in the process, found a new group to check out.

And, because I can...

Prez Jordan - Slap The Knot [click to download]

You don't have to love this stuff, and I completely respect your decision either way. I just hope that if you love some of the disco-based stuff, you can appreciate this. Oh, and my track? It's pretty old and I love the criticism :) Just be...helpful.

Enjoy, and stay funky,


Nite said...

Sorry but i cant like this. Its not that i hate funk, i just dont like how these guys play it. Its just...EW. no offense.

untra said...

The Slap the Knot track has really improved! Its definitely a lot smoother, and it plays well, even at the deep bass part at 1:00. Its not terribly funky, but it has a memorable groove.

As for the other tracks, I don't care as much for them, but they're vintage. They're alright, I guess.

Balls of Steel said...

I for one like the tunes! Not the kind of stuff I'd play out necessarily, but nice and funky, good for listening.

I like your track too, very good sample! A couple suggestions, if you want them...first and most importantly, that horn stab is out of key with the rest of the song. I like that rhythm though and the idea with the stab, it's catchy...just needs to be in key. Second, toward the beginning, the kick seemed kind of distorted which I don't think works for this particular track...a cleaner sample would do well I think. Also there's a point when you put a high pass filter on the whole track; that could be a bit smoother I think, it's a little too sudden right now.

Hope this helps! One producer to another.

prez jordan said...

Thanks :)

Don Volcano said...

love the meters and diggin slap the knot. question, what is the vocal sample? i can't figure out the original song but it sounds familiar. thanks for the tunes!