Saturday, 12 June 2010

Chit Chat

We love talking to you guys. Really, we do. Whenever we do "live chats" - AKA stuff too big for the ShoutBox - we tend to use TinyChat. Lately, however, I've found this service to be clunky and slow.

It's time for a change. Today, I am announcing a new chatroom for ilictronix. You can check it out anytime at, or simply by clicking "Chat" at the top right of this webpage.

Oh, and it's IRC, so if you're handy with a computer, join us at #ilictronix on

See you guys around!

1 comment:

asdfffdsa said...

In desperate need of some idlers in the chatroom :)

I recall ilictronix tried a chatroom in the past, but it didn't work out so well. You really need some regulars. People drop in for a moment, see the chatroom is empty, and then immediately leave (which is a quite natural reaction), and the chances of several users dropping in simultaneously in this fashion are quite slim.

If you need some help setting up an application to connect with a standalone client that works with IRC, just ask. Pidgin is a particularly easy-to-use-and-setup client; in addition to IRC, it works with AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, and a bunch of others.