Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Hi there,

Let's all start by clicking this little link, and saving the newly "better quality" ripped versions of the Linus Loves tracks. Delete the old ones from your computing machine right now!!! Make sure every last copy of them is thrown on a big heap and then let the recycle bin do it's work.

Phew, now that we got that out of the way...
Why not share a tune with you all. Since some people are getting a little tired from all these dubby tracks, why not jump on the band wagon of another trend that started getting big this year. Yeah, I'm talking about Gipsy tunes baby!

Steve Angello & AN 21 - Flonko [click to download]

But fear not, this track isn't all about those swinging Balkan beats. It starts of really conventional with an awesome bass. And once you're completely taking in by the rhythm, the gipsy influance finally reveals itself at about 2 minutes.
Once you've crossed this mark it IS all about those swinging Balkan beats (sorry for fooling you).

Hope you like it and enjoy a hot summer, make sure to get out and have some fun (but not too much, we want you coming back here for more summer tunes :p)

Ps: Give it up for Boba and SkeezyG for helping me figure out how to improve my ripping skills, hope they like the result.

Pps: I'm finally in holiday mode, so my posts might get bigger and better real soon.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Colour said...

Gypsy FTW! Though, I havn't found one I like more than Me No Speak Americano.

Zhang said...

Flonko came out a fair bit before Americano though, don't think the trend had fully started yet.

But anyway, I hope to see this trend continue - some gypsy tunes backed by a banging big-room beat or tasteful gypsy-sound sampling (personally I hate Gramophonedzie's 'Why Don't You' - if that could be considered in the same vein)

Mr. Brown said...

The 'Why don't you' track features american 50's music influances and vocals. Totally unrelated to the gipsy genre...

EarlGrey said...

awesome track, ANGELLO FTW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If your into that whole sound (which i am) check out vhyce's new ep. specifically the song basement horns is awesome