Tuesday, 1 June 2010

You don't mess with Jesus...

Hi there,

'Totally unrelated yet awesome picture'

My exams are starting tomorrow and I thought I'd share one more track before I'm going into studymode.

So, here it is:

Bag Raiders - Turbo Love [click to download]

As you can all see, this was a very short post. Back to my books now.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Session Leopard said...

Nobody fucks with the Jesus

Nice track. I dig the more chilled 'verse' sections - reminded me of classic megadrive/genesis soundtracks like Road Rash.

Anonymous said...

dewd thanks i have been looking for this on limewire and for some reason it wouldnt dl it thanks a bunch

Colour said...

NOOOOO!!!!! This was going to be one of the first tracks I was going to post if I was accepted into the new writers position! In fact I was contemplating doing a whole post on them. Hahaha ;D

Bag Raiders are an Aussie band! Woo go Aussies!

Zhang said...

You could always write about some of the fine Turbo Love remixes, like the excellent Tough Love remix or the decent Shinichi Osawa one.

Kevin L. said...

for the uninitiated, the jesus picture is in reference to the big lebowski, an amazing movie


Anonymous said...

This is damn good ! TY mane