Friday, 18 June 2010

Hot Dub Injection (Part 1 Of 3)

so, it's come to my attention that so far I've only posted one dubstep track. time to change that then :) after browsing through my vast dub collection, I decided to do a feature on the many, many Dubstep remixes out there, before I focus on any specific artists of the scene. so without further ado, the first part.

I'm sure you're all familiar with Rusko, I most certainly am. He's usually a person's first experience with the world of dub (or maybe his close ally in dub, Caspa) and if you like Rusko, you'll pretty much like all dubstep tunes ever. and he's the leader of the pack when it comes to remixes in quantity, but not always quality (in the words of Mr. Oizo: "some are good, some are bad, some are just OK")so I saved you all the trudging through his 'meh' remixes, and now here's my selection of his finest tweaks and reworks:

It was difficult to pick a start point for his remixes, they're usually of popular stuff. but to kick it off, The Prodigy :)

The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix) [click to download]

filled with all rusko's trademarks, and staying true to the original song make this one heavy tune that will get you ready for the coming onslaught of dub provided by me :D

this leads us onto a song I'm sure we all know Day 'N Nite. there are plenty of Dub reworks of this out there, but none match Rusko's in terms of filthiness AND staying true to the original melody of the Crookers remix. Don't the the quiet intro fool you, this is a massive banger

Kid Cudi - Day 'N Nite (Rusko Remix) [click to download]

and now, the last of the well known songs, the Bionic Commando theme remix. Surkin, Rusko & Clipz were commissioned to do a rework of the Bionic Commando theme in their respective styles. Rusko's stole the show completely, becoming the most popular track from the EP and became a free download from Rusko's Myspace.
The combination of 8-bit sounds and dubstep wobbles really shouldn't work, but 'ol Rus pulls it off in spectacular fashion. You can't not love this track :)

Bionic Commando - Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix) [click to download]

Graffiti, The Coolest Crime (C)

and now we move onto the more obscure remixes, well for some of you anyway.
Little Boots' Remedy was a light hearted electroclash-esque tune, and this remix follows suit... for about 30 seconds, where a low frequency wobble is thrown into the mix. and then LB's vocals battle it out with the bass for the remainder of the song. Oh, and for you Americans out there Trainers = Sneakers :)

Little Boots - Remedy (Rusko's Big Trainers Remix) [click to download]

and finally, Adele. you might remember her single "Cold Shoulder". well it's been chewed up and spit back out by the main man himself, it's hardly like the original at all. featuring cut up vocals and a bouncy bassline that's all over the place it's definitely one of my favourite dub tracks ever.

Adele - Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix) [click to download]

and that's part one, stay tuned for part two, where I'll be showing you that no genre is safe from a savage Dub reworking, and the amazing results. you're in for a hell of a ride, make sure y'all prepared :)

We'll always be together in Dubstep Dreams,
-Claude Van Foxbat


RastaBlasta94 said...

cant beat a good ol' bit o rusko :D
Great post Claude

Wildman said...

Rusko is a good starting point for new dubsteppers out there.
I think they should come to this post if they want to hear bangers from the main man Rusko.

I don't really like that Adele remix though, I dunno why but I just don't.

Still you can't beat his other remixes that he's done.

Waiting for next Dubstep post :D

Hi-Fidelity said...

Where was his remix of "Pro Nails"!!
Should have shown off some of his originals aswell!
Aspiring Dub Producers should check his production masterclass too at:

Claude Van Foxbat said...

@Hi, shhhh, pro nails is coming in part 3! (there's no room in part 2 sadly, I'm on a 6 mp3 limit :|)
and I say at the start of the article it's a three parter about remixes, so it's all remixes. I wanted to do this before I focus on any artist's solo productions :)

Colour said...

Lol.. The Prodigy - Take me to the hospital (rusko remix) was in my 'post these tracks in the near future' list.

Nice post ;D

Jeff said...


rusko, caspa, zeds dead, datsik, dr p, etc...