Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'm Back, Baby

After an entire month without posting because of bloody schoolwork, i am back with tracks to post.
I was thinking of doing a review of Grum's album, but i'll put that on hold and see if i can go one up and get an interview.

So, to celebrate my semi-freedom (i still have 2 exams to make), im gonna post some tracks that i've discovered throughout my absence.

First up, a track that got lost in the reckoning. Shazam's Pool Party 2008 is a bit odd, because it mixes funky sample-based and bass-filled house with hard electro synths and beats, giving each style an equal amount of time on the track.
It is a brilliant track, and a very nice mix of all that you want on a dance track.

Shazam - Pool Party 2008 [click to download]

Next up, another 2008 track. We all know the chicago house legend that is Felix Da Housecat, but Shinichi Osawa's remix of Radio is something else.
It sounds very japanese, with high pitch synths and female vocal loops make this track a very fun one.

Felix Da Housecat - Radio (Shinichi Osawa Remix) [click to download]

Now, a tribute/remake of a French House classic.
We all know and love the brilliance that is Together by Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon.
This track is an instant reminder of it. Released not long ago, James Talk and Ridney's Forever uses the same concept. A sample (in this case from Earth, Wind and Fire), a bassline, and a chilled synth on the background. Loop and repeat for 7 minutes and you get this frankly brilliant track by the duo.

James Talk & Ridney - Forever [click to download]

If you're into basslines as much as i do, then you'll love this next track.
Grum's remix of TV Rock's In The Air should be in a video that explains what a remix is all about. Grab bits off the original and adding your touch, and this track shouts Grum.
The rich bassline and the lead synth work together majestically and what we end with is something that would amaze even the most reluctant about remixes.

TV Rock - In The Air (Grum Remix) [click to download]

And finally, something a bit harder to find.
During my time-off, i fell for Fenech-Soler thanks to youtube videos, and one track that caught my eye was The Fight. I searched it for days, without luck, but eventually, hidden in the google searches, i got it.
It starts off quite nice and calm, but it develops into a savagery of synths, bass and beats and it you just want to it.
Sorry for the low quality, but if you can find a better quality copy, please send it.

Fenech-Soler - The Fight [click to download]


In the rainy summer,


Wildman said...

Great post!

I haven't heard the Shinichi Osawa remix of Radio for a while now.
You made me love it once more!

Jenny said...

that last track is brilliant. thanks!

Zhang said...

have a listen to Pool Party 2009 (by Shazam too) for a much more laidback, sorta French house type of tune. Sort of like the chillout/afterparty version of Pool Party 2008.