Friday, 11 June 2010

Jordan WA WA.

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On November 14th, 2008, man plunged outward into space one more time for the humble task of space-born home improvement. The space shuttle Endeavour leapt into the dark night sky at Cape Canaveral at 7:55 PM, bound for the International Space Station (ISS). As few as 25% of shuttle launches occur in darkness, making this launch rather special. The light from the takeoff could be seen for miles around, for around three minutes before it disappeared into space. The crew of the endeavor will be undertaking one of the most epic remodels of all time: installing new kitchens and bathrooms for the ISS, so that it can accommodate more people in years to come. Shortly before takeoff, mission commander Christopher Ferguson radioed, “It's our turn to take home improvement to a new level after 10 years of international space station construction!”

That said, tracks.

Koobra is a solo house artist from Finland, who is also part of the duo Helsinki 78-82, which I actually know nothing about other than the fact that I read that on Anyway. I heard the first track, Thrills, and I was all 'lololol man this r gr8' an then i was like man i gotta here moar so i like went 2 soundcloud n listened 2 teh othr traxx and was like DUDE. I was instantly reminded of early Lifelike stuff, like The Cult EP, which as we all know was quite awesome (Black Chess, anyone?).

Now, the label has posed some restrictions on this Koobra EP, and only 'Thrills' can be shared, but I'm embedding the other two tracks (which are the best of the bunch in my opinion) so you don't have to go off-site to hear them.

Koobra - Thrills [click to download]

Koobra - Questions

and my favorite,

Koobra - It's You

I thought this was a ll pretty sweet. A nice throw-back to classic house, with a nice 2000's edge.

Oh, and Play Paul. Just for fun.

Play Paul - Once You Go (Radio Edit) [click to download]



Eduardo said...

Este EP de Koobra es realmente bueno mi favorita también es la de "It's You" las vocales son realmente buenas.....................

MixiM said...

This is why i follow this blog. Oh my god, never heard of Koobra, but "It's You"is one of the best songs i've heard this year! Thanks so very very much for this post Boba!

Colour said...

Um. I jizzed a little bit. Sorry, ill clean it up.