Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lets Take It Down A Notch

Yo its Nite here with another special post for you. Today im going to be talking about Masters At Work. Don't know them? Well now's your chance to.

Masters At Work is a 90s House Duo composed of "Little" Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzales. The group name was originally from another Old School artist Todd Terry that was used in the 1980s. Terry,however, decided to give the name to Vega and Gonzales, and that's where things kicked off. Since then, MAW has been creating/producing house tracks and remixes rather unique in its time,such as disco, latin and jazz-type House music. I can honestly say that MAW is one of the biggest influences in 90s House Music out there (In my opinion at any rate).

MAW has also gone under several aliases such as KenLou,Nuyorican Soul and Soul Fusion.
Now i've summarized them up a little bit,lets bring out some tracks for you to hear.

First off we have Pienso En Ti, a personal favorite of mine. This track gives a very jazzy beat and makes you feel like youre at a beach with a pina colada in your hand as you watch the sunset.The sexy but somewhat unintelligible lyrics make this track smooth as ice. his is something i would definitely play at a Lounge Club.

Masters At Work - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You) [click to download]

Next up is Love on Me, a smooth soul track that is rather jazzy, but still has enough kick to get you to groove a little bit. Its an awesome track i must say.

Masters At Work - Lean On Me [click to download]

For the third track we have is Gonna get Back to You. This tune has a much more housey beat to it out of the three, but the vocals and the groovin tone make it much more sophisticated, not to mention sexy.

MAW and Company (Feat. Xaviera Gold) - Gonna Get Back to You [click to download]

And just for the hell of it, heres some remixes and other tunes.

KenLou - What a Sensation [click to download]

Tinstar - Sunshine (Masters At Work Underground House Mix) [click to download]

EDIT: Because someone bitched about this not being on here, here is one more MAW track for y'all (are we happy now?)

Masters At Work - I Cant Get No Sleep [click to download]


Taking you back to the 90s,

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Here said...

how come that i've never heard of MAW before ? Oo this if reallreallyreally good.

Kinda remembers me of blue six, and that can't be bad...