Friday, 4 June 2010

Mario Ayuda-Weekend EP (TENTR 004)

Today I'm going to show you one of the coolest finds ive come across thanks to Soundcloud and DJPixcell (for giving me this EP). The EP is called Weekend and its by a Progressive Dance/House/Tribal Artist named Mario Ayuda. His newest EP is a real treat and i assure you, this will be one of the rare times where i will post an EP so enjoy it fools!

The Original Track, Weekend, starts off in a drum like fashion, something you would see in some of deadmau5's more progressive tracks/remixes. Then the main synth comes in slowly and when it pops up,it gives an aura of stunning beauty and resonance. I would say this track sounds like the lovechild of armin van buuren and Pryda. It has a trance like feel,but still retains a progressive house jam to it. Its awesome. Nuff said.

Mario Ayuda - Weekend (Original Mix) [click to download]

The next and last two tracks are remixes of Weekend but dont let that fool you: theyre very good remixes.

The Sceleton Remix takes the already awesome track and pushes it up a level by giving an electronic edge to it,making it feel a bit grittier and danceable. Youll love it.

Mario Ayuda - Weekend (Sceleton Remix)

And finally we have the Sonic Division Remix. This track has more of a progressive trance feel, slightly speeding the track up and rewiring the track with different beats. Its spectacular if you ask me.

Mario Ayuda - Weekend (Sonic Division Remix)

If you wish to buy the EP you can do so here

Here is Ayudas record companys soundcloud

Enjoy the tracks here


Boba Fettuccini said...

That last remix is epic. Don't care for the original, or that first remix, but that is just great.

Here said...

The first song is not working for me nite :(

And i agree with boba, the 2nd remix is really sweet.