Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oh, Hello There

I'm sure you've all heard of these new writers coming in, well fine sir/madam I am one of those people, and now I'll give you a bit of a brief about meself.
I'm Claude, 15 years old, British as all hell (No I don't drink tea all day (: ) and I love electronic music and I'm generally open minded about it, if not occasionally picky.

I've liked electronic music for as long as I can remember (thank you, Kraftwerk) but only really started to listen to it full time around 1998 which over in England, was a period where french house and dance dominated the airwaves. You may remember me as the guy who sent in 'Feel Me' by Paul Rayner for Prez's post a few months back. You can thank me later for that (or better yet, in the comments :P)

so I'm gonna knock up a cliche "My Current Tracks" post, I'm more Electro/Dubstep based than other posters here, but I'll post other genres like Prog. House and IDM for example :)

First up we have a nice number by Squarepusher, who is unique in a sense that he went from producing Aphex-flavoured Drum 'n Bass.... to Aphex-flavoured drum 'n bass but with bass guitars. now bear with me, I know this sounds terrible, but you'll understand after this track

Squarepusher - Welcome To Europe [click to download]

Hear those synths kick in about 1:10? let me blow your mind. that's actually a BASS GUITAR hooked up to god knows what to distort it like that.

next up, a bit of an obscure gem that I don't really know what to say about. It's Simian Mobile Disco, but not as you know them, it's not on any of their albums or EPs, and seems to exist only on the internet. It proves SMD can do electro, and I have no idea why they don't do more

Simian Mobile Disco - Parachute [click to download]

Now, I promised you all some lovely dubstep didn't I? well, I've picked something juuuuuuust right. it works both ways, If you are a Dub fan, and you HAVEN'T picked Rusko's Babylon Volume 1 up shame on you! if you are a curious newcomer to dubstep, this is your place to start, and maybe never look back :)

Rusko - Jahova [click to download]

released when Dub was still underground in the UK, it became almost an instant classic, Rusko defines the scene with his trademark Wobbly Bass, Reggae Style intros and smooth Synths, sure it may not be as filthy as Cookie Monsta or Stenchman, but it'll certainly give your sub a good workout :D

and as one FINAL special treat for all you budding (or not) DJs out there, something I was going to save until much later but good 'ol NiteShade made me change my mind :D I'm sure you all remember how much of a hit Deadmau5's I Remember was way back when, and this is the B-side to the I Remember EP, it's rather disjointing the first time you listen (you keep expecting the vox to come in) but it's pretty damn good without them as well, & you're free to put whatever you want over it! :)

Deadmau5 - I Remember (Instrumental) [click to download]

well, that's all from me kiddies, I think I made a decent impression, and I hope you like my selection. hit me up in the comments and tell me what you like (or dislike, but give constructive criticism :P) there WILL be more dub to come, so hang on tight and prep your subs.

Grilled for extra flavour,
Claude Van Foxbat


prez jordan said...

Really glad you're bringing this taste to the blog, because I sure as hell can't provide stuff like this.

I knew this would work out :)

Wildman said...

Oh yeah, nice post there Claude!
Good song choices for your first post too! I'll be watching your posts from now on! :)

Claude Van Foxbat said...

Cheers Prez, I was debating Aphex Twin for the first post, but I'll save that as it's a bit weirder :D
positive reactions so far, I'm happy :)

Jenny said...

welcome claude! love the tracks. my kind of music for sure.

.Cracker said...

kaskade is a dude :/
but other than that great post. other blogs i liked that posted electro got shut down so it's nice to have some of that coming here.

untra said...

For an MSPAINT Intro, thats not too shabby.

I was really getting excited for what the final track would be, only to discover I already own it.

Its definitely a great post, and I can't wait to see more posts from you.

Here said...

Yay claude ! Good post, really enjoy this squarepusher dude since you've made me listen to it :)

I guess I'll post something tomorrow.

MixiM said...

Started listening to electronic music seriously in 1998? If you're 15 today that would make you 3 years old at the time dude... come on?

Claude Van Foxbat said...

@MixiM, I appreciate your disbelief, but It's called my dad's record collection. stuff like Space, Kraftwerk & Jean Michel Jarre? I was fascinated by the idea of music without conventional instruments, and so I would listen to Magic Fly instead of what was popular at the time (not a hipster, honest! :P)

Champiness said...

Here's to Squarepusher fans and a new writer! Electrorock on!

.Cracker said...

Anyone else having issues adding I remember (instrumental) to itunes? I can listen to the file elsewhere but itunes is being a little btch. Oh well, I guess the album version will do.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

@cracker Mr. Brown said that too, I can't recall trying to play it when I put it on my ipod, but it does work in WMP and on my Ipod so IDK, probably a codec thing

sammawson said...

Hey claude Nice blog liked the songs you put up a specially Parachute by SMD. Looking forward to you posts keep up the good work :)

Colour said...

Nice post Claude. I can see that we will get on just fine by the sounds of your music tastes! Nice tracks.

JxL said...

:) Well this was a pleasant suprise Mr Foxbat!
To say I don actually belong here I genuinely enjoyed reading :)

rob said...

Lovely stuff. Love the new Simian Mobile Disco album. Dour Festival 2010, they'll be there.

Thousandcats said...

Bitches on all the walls