Saturday, 26 June 2010

Say My Name Again (My Name Is Skrillex Review)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, today I bring you an EP Review to blast your puny minds away. Today's review brings us to a group named Skrillex and his first and free ep, My Name Is Skrillex. I would go into depth about who I'm reviewing usually,but I really don't feel like going through it today so I'll say it in one sentence. Skrillex are a four member electronic/tech band from Los Angeles,CA, consisting up of Sonny Moore, Chris Null,Sean Friday and Joe Oneill. Interesting last names... Right on to the review then.

My Name is Skrillex: The EP titled track opens up with a small intro,building up every second, repeating the words "My Name Is Skrillex" in different pitches, eventually ensuing in a roaring banger. Its great for clubbing and tthe track reminds me of those Scion commercials a little bit. Its a great way to start the EP 9.5/10.

WEEKENDS!!!(Feat. Sirah): The track rips up in a rather explosive way as if it were progressing from MNIS. It gets psuedo-dubbish in a few parts and even goes crazy with the vocal chopping. I must say its amazing to listen to! 9/10.

Skrillex - Weekends (Feat. Sirah) [click to download]

Fucking Die 1: This is the lovechild of Todd Edwards,Skream,and Cragga into one dirty but epic dubstep/electro track. I'm not a fan of dirty dub, but damn is it good! My favorite of the EP by far! 10/10!

Skrillex - Fucking Die 01 [click to download]

Fucking Die 2(EE Cooper Remix): Take FD01,make it even more electro,chop it up and rearrange it and you have FD02. Its an amazing mix and I consider it almost as good as FD01. 9.5/10

Do Da Oliphant: In my opinion,it's the most hardcore of them all. Starting of as a headbanging electro powerhouse, it flirts with dubstep here and there, going bonkers the whole time until the insanity stops at 3:27, making it the shortest track on here.8.5/10

With You Friends:The first minute continues from Do Da Oliphant, but instead of hardcore, it starts becoming more of a vivid approach, eventually releasing into a musical journey resembling that of Galactik Knights. It has that GK feel and its almost as if you're playing in a wild 16-Bit Japanese video game. Honestly it's just as good as FD01. 10/10

Skrillex - With You Friends [click to download]

Overall Score: 9.3/10

You can download the rest of the EP by clicking the picture/banner above.
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.Cracker said...

Lol yeah he's deadmau5 approved. that's how i found out about this ep!

Boba Fettuccini said...

clicking the banner doesn't do anything...

Nite said...

Fixed. Someone messed with it.

Magna said...

98% sure Skrillex is just the one dude, Sonny.

Nite said...

I looked it up. i says there are four people in it. The main one is Sonny Moore and he does most of it himself so youre partly right.

.Cracker said...

In case case great post

Colour said...

Me likey! Nice Choonz.

Aria said...

ahahaha i get it. the second fucking die (€€ Cooper remix) is like $$ Trooper. niiiiice. awesome ep

Anonymous said...

I truly hope this isn't the sonny moore from the band called 'from first to last'. I think it is though.

Nite said...

Oh but it is Anon. Its that sonny moore

Anonymous said...

Ugh that depresses me deeply.

Anonymous said...

skrillex is one person, sonny moore. he also is a solo artist, who tours with a band. He releases records under the name sonny, and tours with joe, sean, chris, and nathaniel as sonny and the blood monkeys. skrillex however is just sonny moore.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the best things i've ever found on this blog

these songs are all SO sick and all pretty different from each other (aside from the two fucking dies, but that's to be expected)
and VERY original

and for all the sonny-bashers
regardless of whether or not you like HIM, dont judge this music based on what you think of him, because it's not like anything he does in any other band sounds like this

Simen said...

Get your facts right dude! Skrillex is ONE person, Sonny Moore, DJ-ing and making tunes on a computer. The "band" you're referring to is called Sonny(also toured under 'Sonny and the Blood Monkeys' once), and is Sonny Moore's solo project, with Chris Null, Sean Friday and Joe Oneill as members on tour(I think they might be listed as members for his album too, but Sonny does the main work). I am 3000% sure, cus I've been following this project for years.