Wednesday, 9 June 2010

This ones for you Girls

So i'm reading through ilictronix and a shocking discovery has come upon me. There are little or no blog posts on female electronic/dance artists!!! This, coupled with the fact we have NO female writers in ilictronix whatsoever (i'm looking at you prez) really pissed me off, so now , im going to say "Up Yours!!!" to the male artists and post on a female DJ. As to who she is, her name is Rachael Starr (Which, according to youtube, is very similar to a Rachel Starr, who is entirely different) But before we get into her music, i think a little bio would be nice to tell about her.

Combining skill with modernism and her aptitude for style with ingenuity, Rachael is breaking new ground in the electronic and dance music industries.

Producer, DJ and vocalist, there is little territory this young artist hasn’t embraced. Rachael definitely feels the need to prove herself and work very hard at everything she does. As a result, Rachael now stands among the top ranking electronic artists, touted as a respected producer, exciting DJ and unique vocalist. “I guess one of the most important things to me is to not forget why you are doing what you are doing. Take yourself seriously, and other people will too.” she says. “In the end what it comes down to is the music, what it is as a whole and how it makes me who I am…"

Overall, she has produced several tracks and even made quite a few remixes (Only one of which i can find at the moment) as well as collaborations. Not only that,but in EVERY song she is in, she sings in too to make sure you know damn well who this is, and she is a brilliant singer.

Probably her most well known track is Till There Was You, a rather housey track with lots of flare to it. It has been widely successful, gaining 6 different releases for it (all on different labels i might add). Most of her music has a groovy/electronic/house-esque feel to it and ,when it combines with her voice, it truly culminates into an epic dance track.The only downside to her music is that most of it is REALLY HARD to come by (by that i mean download off zippyshare and other links). Still, i was lucky enough to get some of these gems for you blog readers out there. Anyways, enough chitchat, here's a few tracks to keep you entertained.

Rachael Starr - Till There Was You (Original Mix) [click to download]

Rachael Starr - Even Though (Original Mix) [click to download]

Rachael Starr - Crash (Original Mix) [click to download]

And to really interest you, she can also remix. Here's an example.

Nadia Ali - Fantasy (Rachael Starr Remix) [click to download]

I hope you enjoyed the atmospheric change here. I most certainly did.


Jenny said...

thanks gavin! great post. I look forward to more electronic music by females being promoted on this site. that is, if you can find any. rachel starr is an inspiration to all us women wannabe producers out there!

MixiM said...

Never heard of her, really impressive stuff!

Champiness said...

I had this same idea a few days after I was unceremoniously (and deservedly) booted. Still a great post, though! However I am disappointed by the lack of Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien!

Mr. Brown said...

ellen will get my special attention, don't worry!

Here said...

Never heard of her, and that's a shame, good stuff Nite :)

tommy tea said...

peep this interesting female DJ >