Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Girls Girls Girls

I try not to get too personal in my blogging - I'm sure you'd all love to hear about my day-to-days. So, let me tell you about my recent history, indirectly.

So-Me draws a nice ass, eh?

I'm a fan of this EP. A big fan. It truly shows the off-color personalities of today's komputerartizt's, and boy oh boy, is it off-color. In fact, I should probably mark these tracks for poor language, but if you work in a monastery you probably wouldn't end up here anyway.

Let's start with the Original Mix. It's in your face, loud, and generally all over the place, in a yummy sort of way. Strangely, this happens to be my least favorite track on the EP. But even so, it's still pretty good and has carved out a nice little spot for itself in my collection. Hey, it adds to the immense variety this album brings to the table.

DSL - Stupid Bitches (Original Version) [click to download]

The DatA remix sounds like a combination of Justice's Valentine and, well, rapping. A weird observation, I know, but that's just what I thought while first listening to this track. It has a nice balance, pleasant backbeat which, combined with the sort of "yelling" in the lyrics, sounds almost magical. This one was a homerun.

DSL - Stupid Bitches (DatA Remix) [click to download]

How many times can you say "bitches" in a song? If you're Rynecologist, a lot - like a lot a lot. This track happens to be my personal favorite from the bunch. I really like the synth line (which sounded like the best of the Crookers), and the vocal cuts weren't overdone. Honestly, this would've done just fine labelled as the original.

DSL - Stupid Bitches (Rynecologist Remix) [click to download]

Hehe I like this title. J'mens Bats Les Couilles is a heavenly 4-minute flow of pure french. If foreigners bother you in any way, shape, or form, skip this one. Likewise, if the sounds of the French language ring pure joy in your ears, you'll like this one. It has a sick beat, lyrics (I think), and a generally nice form to it. It's up there with Find Me in the World for sure. Nicely done.

DSL - J'mens Bats Les Couilles [click to download]

This is NOT a booty album,


Here said...

damn prez ! I was thinking about doing a "french lyrics" post, and including some DSL songs ofc :p

Good post btw, this EP is dope :)

Colour said...

The Rynecologist remix is also my favourite :P

Adam Tucker said...

I am absolutely in love with that last track. It has kind of a TTC vibe to it, or maybe because I am just not familiar with the french hip hop scene.

Adam Tucker said...

On a side note, what happened to Ed banger records? I mean for like a year they were the hottest thing on the scene... They lost Justice though and started signing some really sub-par acts. Uffie should have never been signed....Feadz should have never introduced her to Pedro! Instead of striking while the iron was hot they delayed her awful cd (which now people say she copied ke$ha) and did not focus on their strongest acts. Like SebastiAn or Vicarious Bliss. I know with electronic music a lot of it is on style as much as music but it seems like Ed Rec is focusing more on the image... what a shame... Don't even get me started on how Dim Mak signing

Alex said...

AFAIK, Ed Banger have signed in Squarepusher, and he's gonna release a single on EdB.