Thursday, 29 July 2010

Here's shuffle post

Hi guys, as you might know I'm actually working with Claude Von Toolongnickname on a Warp records history, so I'm mostly listening to Warp artists right now.

Here are some of the "non Warp" tracks I've been listening to a lot lately, nothing really new, sorry.

Let's begin with Moins De Soins by Dupatronic, a track I've been listening to a lot these last two months. I don't have a lot to say about them, because they don't say much about themselves, apparently they're two french guys doing filter house.

Dupatronic - Moins De Soins [click to download]

Next is an old track by eLeNeS, two young french guys (again, yes !). A song I rediscovered yesterday on the sub, thanks shuffle !

eLeNeS - Analog Anthem [click to download]

Some Le Babar's epicness.

Le Babar - Moonlight [click to download]

One of the amazing remixs from "Adult Swim : ALT RMX album"

Rich Kids - Patna Dem (Mad Decent Patna's remix by DJA) [click to download]

And I'll end with this nice little song by Roguewaves, the lyrics just got me.

Roguewaves - Ruins (ft. Keeley Bumford) [click to download]



gymtonic said...

i love dupratronic :D :D :D

for some reason though i kinda assumed it was just another alias of ghosts of venice, somehow o_O

prez jordan said...

That guy in the last photo looks exactly like Cillian Murphy (Fischer from Inception)

Anonymous said...

Dupatronic are 2 english guys, both big producers too.

WhiteNigro said...

That eLeNeS song is AMAZING!!

simply said...

What a great post, thanks a lot!