Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It's About Time, Or Bielle: A Review

YES, finally after nearly 5 weeks of waiting, blue balls, red tape and copyright worries, it's here. Bie-bloody-elle.
Aside from sounding an awful lot like Bieber, this new(ish) EP from Electro veterans Les Petits Pilous is great. (and we needed some hard electro posted due to increasing demand, and this is the newest thing I have :P)

Bielle is the fourth and latest offering from French duo Les Petits Pilous, whilst it sports some Power-esque artwork, don't be fooled. it's still LLP filth at heart. Starting with track 1, Bielle.

It starts off slow and lumbering, with a lil' filtered loop, which then speeds up and un-filters gradually over the next 20 or so seconds, resulting in probably the fastest electro song I have (even more so after the breakdown at 2:00) it's quite dirty to boot, LLP showing off their Electro prowess throughout.
The intro and tempo leave alot for DJ's to play around with, it certainly feels like an intro song to a set, and there's alot of potential for using the breakdown 2 mins in for mixing opportunities. my only complaint it that it's a 3 minute song and just over a minute is intro, so by the time you get into the track 1/3 of it is gone

Les Petits Pilous - Bielle [Click to OBEY]

Next up is by far the weakest track of the EP in my opinion. it feels like it was crammed in at the last minute to add length to it, the sample very quickly gets annoying (even more because it's used for the ENTIRE SONG) and the synths don't add much to the already awful composition. I had to force myself to listen to it all the way through to see if it gets better. It doesn't

Les Petits Pilous - Booty Pills [God Hates Blogs]

This track, Russian Forest, along with Bielle are the electro powerhouses. Booty Pills is godawful and Goog is more experimental. No fuss. No mess. Just electro.
I often mistake this track for a Prog. House track when it comes up on shuffle, but then that little mechanical bleep pops in and about 10 seconds later that grinding synth hits and everything makes sense, look out for this one in future mixes or sets, it's set to be a sleeper hit.

Les Petits Pilous - Russian Forest [In Soviet Russia, TRACK DOWNLOADS YOU!]

Finally, Goog. This one's a bit odd coming from Les Petits Pilous, it sounds almost like a Fake Blood-esque track, feels sorta I Think I Like It cut up and sampled to hell and back. The only thing that gives away it's by LLP is the... I don't know what to call it, but that little sound effect that's from the Para One mix of My Head :P. I does get more electro-y later ('specially around the 2:00 drop) the overall sound of the track and the outro lend themselves niceley to be mixed in with a Prog. House track or Fake Blood style tracks instead of straight electro
it's a nice change of game for the genre, but there's still plenty of high energy bits to go mental over.

Les Petits Pilous - Goog [download to click]

As much as I'd love to give all of these out for DL, I can't. maybe when BNR stops caring I'll put them up. (Here's hoping they don't bust our chops over streaming it, it's been 4 months since it's release).
Overall, a Decent EP with only one track that's not very good, two if you don't like cut up samples and whatnot.
and, a preview of the entire EP if you dont want all 4 players going:

They can't copyright everything,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Boba Fettuccini said...

I was kinda excited about getting some new electro, but honestly, I can't stand this. Any of it. THis is the most obnoxious electro I've ever heard. I don't get what's up with BNR and signing artists who can't do anything more than modulate a droning buzz. >.<

Claude Van Foxbat said...

But that's what LLP do Bob, look at Wake Up for example.
I get it if you don't like it, but I wouldn't call Goog a "Buzz" there's alot goin on in that track.
but like it or not, this is electro for now. until the Beetroots roll along or Justice pull their fingers out and do something that isnt a remix

Alex said...

I was also dissapointed by this EP, only Goog is good and Bielle isnt bad either.

And Boba: Claude is right. LPP have never been the most imaginative group around. Listen to their remixes. Quite similar, but they work. Unfortunately, it kinda let them down here.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

I like Russian Forest alot, but then again I'm a sucker for tracks like that. we're all in agreement Booty Pills is amazingly awful though right? :D

Boba Fettuccini said...

Well that's the deal, though. I heard their remixes, and thought it was pretty good. i guess they're just one of those groups that can't do anything original.

and tbh, I actually thought Booty Pill was one of the only good tracks on it >_>

Mr. Brown said...

I have to agree with Boba on this one.
Booty Pill was the only song I could listen to more then once :p
They've dropped the ball on this one...

Colour said...

As one of my favourite artists, I think LLP are amazing and I love dem long tiem! But I too agree, this EP is terrible.

I could probably forgive them if the good tracks balanced out the bad ones, but its just constant mess. The two best tracks are little more than tolerable.

Also 'Goog' is so different that I cannot get it through my mind that its actually LLP. I like it, its one of the best tracks on the EP, but i refuse to accept that its actually them.