Sunday, 11 July 2010

No Strings Attached

Ok so I'm going to do something many of you (especially Prez) may hate. I promised one trance post and today this promise shall be fulfilled. Of course this wont be any shitty tiesto or Armin van Buuren(though I like him. Don't judge me). No, this group is less known and probably would have been a garage band had it not been for the beautiful voice of the singer. Today, I am talking about 4 strings. Who are they? You'll find out soon enough.

4 strings is a mildly successful group of two DJ's,Carlo Resoort and Jan De Vos (predominately Resoort), as well as a singer,for a short time at any rate, Vanessa Van Hemmert. 4 Strings has made three albums,several singles and a plethora of remixes. This group exploded because of Vanessa's singing on their first single, Take Me Away (sound familiar? I posted a mashup of it and Glenn Morrison's Contact a while back) Vanessa would sing up until 2004, when bad rumors leaked out her not singing on several 4 strings tracks, eventually leading up to her leaving. 4 strings still continued without her and produced their third album, mainline, with guest vocalists helping with their songs. 4 strings continues mixing and making tracks to this day, though they have lacked the same amount attention they used to have with Vanessa. I think that's a good enough bio, now on to some tracks. Caution: You may fall in love with Vanessa's lovely voice. You have been warned.

4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into the Night) [click to download]

4 Strings - Diving [click to download]

4 Strings - Summer Sun (Ibiza Mix) [click to download]

4 Strings - Revelation [click to download]

And because this mix is awesome:

4 Strings - Take Me Away (Symphony of Strings Remix) [click to download]

Comment if you like or hate, but please keep the nasty rude comments to yourself if you have them. Thanks :)

Trancin out,



.Cracker said...

This is disagreeable to my taste. I will leave it at that. Respect for going against the usual though.

Nite said...

thank you .cracker for being civil about it. I respect that. :) and yeah,i have a lot of balls putting this up. im expecting major hating on this.

Anonymous said...

although 'disco/french/filter/80's throwback house' is the shit, trance is mad although i don't know why of all 'bands' you chose 4 strings?
what about classic ferry corsten circa 1999..
or maybe chicane
or maybe modern 'uplifting' trance by john o'callaghan
or indulgent orchestral long-ass breaks like andy blueman or aly and fila etc.
or 'progressive' trance like the blizzard
all relatively pioneering imo and more enjoyable
just my two <3

Jeff said...

i respect this post but i prefer progressive house to trance any day. I would love to see you post some if you have any that you like :)

Nite said...

anon i chose this band because i like it. @Jeff, I have loads of progressive house to share. i wanted to post this today just because i said i would post on trance once. this is the ONLY time i will post trance music so yeah. I'll post some good prog later on i promise :)

Colour said...

I don't mind it, to me trance sounds old school... like 80's old school...

I actually have a small (very small) soft spot for old school stuff. Such as 2 Unlimited, Erasure, etc... So I kinda like stuff like this ;D

.Cracker said...

I'm actually down for some modern trancey sounding stuff, but really only when I hear it live. Theres something about trance at massivesthat just makes people go insane.

Here said...

Nice tracks Nite :)

And I agree .cracker, trance in live is really huge, this in exemple.

nick said...

love trance. huge fan of the house you guys post, but i'm glad you did a trance post. 4 strings is amazing. do another trance post!

Silverdust said...

You should also like the Lee S remix on 'Into The Night'.

I'm not a fan of trance, but this simply moves me, man.

P said...

The trance is good! Takes me back to circa '99 when I first got into dance music - god that makes me sound old! Take Me Away is an awesome track, but as a couple of others have said, there are so many other great tracks you could have picked from that era, like the amazing Ferry Corsten.

Only problem with the file you posted for Take Me Away is that it has two seconds of another song on the end of it... Slightly annoying. Also, what's with the 192 kbps mp3s? Surely everyone these days should be posting 320s :)