Friday, 23 July 2010

so i herd u liek hard electro?

I recall a while ago that there was multiple requests for some hard electro, well I am here now to appease your desires. I think these tracks have enough personality to introduce themselves, so ill keep the track descriptions to a minimum.

First up, we have a killer remix of The Prodigy’s – Baby Got A Temper, The main attraction to this remix is that it maintains many core elements of the original. I personally love this track, but I’ll let you form your own opinions.

The Prodigy - Babys Got A Temper (Cool Project And Fast Foot Remix) [click to download]

Up next, a LAZRtag remix! Known for their hard, yet enjoyable, productions, this remix is everything you’d expect from this duo.

Scanners - We Never Close Our Eyes (LAZRtag Remix) [click to download]

You may remember this guy from his remix of Kavinsky’s Nightcall (which was one of my favourites to be honest). This track is quite hard with soft elements floating subtly in the background.

F.O.O.L - Rising Drunk Stars [click to download]

This Pitbull remix is actually quite enjoyable. My only problem with it is that it takes over a minute to get into the decent stuff (which is a quarter of the song), then it has a minute of awesomeness followed by another minute of no electro... This intermission would be great if it was building up to a magnificent end, but alas no. (Sorry about bad quality)

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Dj Napad Electro Mix) [click to download]

And how could I go on with out playing some Dada Life. I love these guys, anyone who can make hard electro more enjoyable to the masses deserves a high five from me. Robix is a little known DJ from Brazil, and he gives the original a slightly harder atmosphere.

Dada Life - Fun Fun Fun (Robix Remix) [click to download]



Yanek said...

Woohoo!! Hard Electro!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone know what the song in the pitbull mix with the scat singing is?

Colour said...

Not sure what scat singing your referring to? Your not talking about the Spanish that starts 8 seconds in? "Rumba Si, Ella quiere su Rumba Como" ??