Friday, 2 July 2010

Sweatin' For Charity

Recently, I received a very pleasing email from my pal Lee (Ghosts Of Venice). He's out with a new track that sets to save the world. All proceeds from digital downloads go to charity.

I would put it in my own words, but I'll just go ahead and let him speak, because I would just take away from his message.

Yo dudes!
The new track from Ghosts Of Venice, Sweatin', is out now. Rollin'
summer House vibes for the kids. After signing tracks to Strictly
Rhythm, Defected and Solid Bump we decided to release this track
through a website called Bandcamp. This gives us control over the
sales and means 100% of downloads goes directly to charity.

Please help us by posting about this release and spreading the word.

The minimum price for the track is £1 for Wav, MP3 or just about any
other format you want it in. Of course if you're feeling generous you
have the option to pay a little bit more.

If you want to know the full story behind the charity, and why we are
doing this, follow the link below.

"Chris was only 8 years old when he was rushed to Leeds General
Infirmary suffering from pain behind his right ear, nausea and weight
loss. After emergency surgery it was discovered that Chris had a rare
brain tumour called an Ependymoma. That was just the start of an epic
battle to try and beat the disease.

Please help us raise £25000 to pay for Chris's lifesaving Cyberknife
treatment and Ependymoma research."

Click here for more track info and artwork:

Thank you!
Lee x

So please, support the cause and download this filter-filled funk frenzy (damn, I'm good). I personally paid £5, hopefully that'll set the bar for you guys :P

Click the little down arrow on the right side of the SoundCloud player to purchase the track.

Sweatin' by Ghosts Of Venice

Enjoy, and support what you love,
Prez Jordan


Here said...

Nothing to add except that i'm looking for my credit card to buy this little gem :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Dark DJ.