Monday, 19 July 2010

Violins A La Mode

Hi there !

What is this post about ? Well it's about violins in electro, something I've been wanting to talk about since I'm here.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about violins and electro is SomethingALaMode.

SALM is two french guys doing something called electro-string. One cello, one violin, some effects unit and a laptop. The key to success in my opinion.

Those three songs will give you an idea of how good this guys are.

SomethingALaMode - Paris Makes Me Feel Like Dancing [click to download]

SomethingALaMode - SchubertALaMode [click to download]

SomethingALaMode - Little Bit Of Feel Good (ft. Adam Joseph) [click to download]

You can't evoke violins without thinking about Aphex twin.

Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song [click to download]

But the artist that made me think about the whole post is definitely Agoria. It just perfectly fit in Deep House.

Agoria - Les Violons Ivres [click to download]

And I'll finish with a song that some people might like, some people might hate. I know, even the track's name is scary, but at least give it a try.

Fluxx & Lola - Romance (Max Moroldo vs Paul & Luke Reloaded Mix) [click to download]

That's all for me, enjoy.


Colour said...

My favourite track out of the bunch would have to be 'SALM - Paris Makes Me Feel Like Dancing'. That pulled off the electro and violins perfectly! The Aphex Twin didn't do anything for me though, not my style.

Nice post. Good to hear something classical once in a while :D

Adam Tucker said...

Loved it! Why am i not surprised they are parisian? Instead of fluoride they must put funk in their water.

Jenny said...

there is nothing more exciting to me then my two favorite music genres - classical and eletro - in one. I'm so glad you recognized Something a la Mode, been listening to them for a while and can't get enough.
Thank you for the last track Romance, it was absolutely stunning!

Claude Van Foxbat said...

since when were you into AFX, Here? :)
love G/B and all of RDJ album. I remember you proposing this a while back I like some of it, but not all. as is the case with 80% of my music :P nice change of pace fo' electro tho, as much as I love the heavy stuff

Nite said...

This post is undoubtedly awesome but you forgot PARTOUZE!!!! No Electro String post is complete without it. I am a little disappointed you idnt put that in there. excellent post though!

Here said...

thanks everyone :)

@nite: never heard of it, and trust me, you don't want to google this word on a french google page :D

give me some link in the shoutbox, i'll give it a listen :)

coupons said...

great post, thanks!

Anonymous said...

5AM > Paris Makes Me Feel Like Dancing... and with the exact same beat?

Anonymous said...

Definitely loved this post.
Not electro at all, but check out the following: Escala - Palladio

I would love to hear some more non-classical music incorporate instrumental music. Please post if you have/know of any.