Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chinese Man

Hi everyone !

Today I'm gonna talk about Chinese Man.

Chinese Man is in fact 3 french guys. Zé Mateo, High Ku and SLY, sometimes two other artists from Chinese Man Records participate in the creation of songs : Leo le Bug and Le Yan.

I discovered those guys about a year ago and simply loved their music ever since. The Trip-Hop they make is of course very Hip Hop influenced, but you can hear a bit of Jazz or Reggae in it too.

Chinese Man - Post Trauma (Ft. Cyph4) [click to download]

You can hear Dexter's voice in Post Trauma, people sampling Dexter can't be bad.

Chinese Man - Ayoyo [click to download]

Chinese Man - Eight Y Cinco [click to download]

Chinese Man - More [click to download]

Chinese Man - Jumpin' In Havana [click to download]

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


Monday, 30 August 2010

Advertising is live!

Hi there,

After some minor coding and styling, the first of our 4 brand new pages is finally ready to be released to the public:

The button, press it!

If you like what we do here at ilictronix and want to help us keep this blog alive, why not show your love by buying a spot to advertise whatever you like with us. For a reasonable price you can help us keep the server running and the tunes coming...

All profits will go to the development of the site. Just check the page and tell us what you think: prices too high/low? Is there the need to add extra information?

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Stop Breathing, Imagine None Of This Is Real.

On August 20, Charles Haddon, lead singer of the UK synth-pop trio ‘Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’ reportedly committed suicide after performing a live show at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. The true reason behind his death is unknown but it is speculated to be due to an incident that occurred at the end of the show. It is alleged that Haddon jumped off the stage after the performance attempting to crowd surf and landed on a girl, severely injuring her.

People in the crowd of the Pukkelpop show described Charles as being bright and cheerful throughout the show. After the show was over he climbed up to the top of a satellite mast in a backstage parking area and jumped. On the 21st this statement was posted on their myspace blog and facebook pages, confirming the lead singers death. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were booked to perform at the Parklife festival in Australia (a festival I was hoping to attend).

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel [click to download]

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Edit) [click to download]

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Club Mix) [click to download]

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (The Drill Club Mix) [click to download]

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Disco Of Doom Remix) [click to download]

R.I.P Charles Haddon

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Very Warped History 3: 1994 (1 Of 2)

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And so I return to my regularly scheduled programming, the next Warped entry. 1994 was a big year for Warp (and for me, cuz I was born :P). Two legendary albums came out in that year, and they both deserve separate posts in my opinion so I'm splitting it into two.

The first of which is Autechre's Amber. Released only six months after Incunabula it's a very similar style (albeit with some experimental and ambient pieces thrown in) for this would be their last album in this style moving onto more Aphexy style IDM after this release. It's a more refined Incunabula but while that may take a few listens to grow on you, Amber shoots straight for your heart.

With such a short time span between albums they share certain aspects (even sharing the same number of tracks) but while Incunabula was cold and metallic, Amber goes for a smoother, more natural approach while maintaining it's predecessor's elements. Like so.

Autechre - Montreal

Only three tracks in and Autechre experiment with a quasi-ambient track, Silverside. Combining heavy beats and muffled vocals, it has ties to Autriche from the first album, and even sounds like it uses the same effects that are at the end of Kalpol Introl. but enough comparison, just listen.

Autechre - Silverside

Here things take an upbeat turn with Slip, it's very smooth with catchy hooks and various other bleeps. It's one of my favourite examples of early IDM along with Aphex's Selected Ambient Works 85-92. I once heard it described as "music to write code to" so you can guess what it sounds like.

Autechre - Slip

The next few tracks on the album are more Ambient experiments, and this one is hands down my favourite track from the album, tracks like these were what I was referring to with the "shoots for your heart" comment. I can't say much more that that if I'm honest, it's a wonderful song packed with emotion, Give it a listen, it deserves it

Autechre - Nine

Another of the Ambient pieces, it's beauty lies in the simplicity. The same few synth notes play through the entire 6 minutes (although it seems like only 3), along with various other added effects to break it up. Very, very hypnotic.

Autechre - Yulquen

For the final stretch Autechre return to the stylings of the opening tracks like Montreal, but much softer. the intro to this reminds me of rain (I've never listened to it when it is raining though, sorry Adam :P) but before I have time to think about that, the driving bassline hits and it just gets better from there. Things take a mellow turn around 4:40 which is a pleasant surprise!

Autechre - Nil

Amber ends on the same note it began on, strong bassy notes and heavy beats with other synths laid over it but this one has a twist, it slows down gradually throughout, making the beats heavier and the bass notes softer, until it gradually fades out. an great end to a fantastic album if I do say so.

Autechre - Teartear

That ends another Warped installment, as we enter the prime time of their releases, we'll be seeing some really classic stuff. And the next half of this post is only the beginning, So please stay tuned for that, you won't wanna miss it!

Let's Do The Warp Again,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Guetta, Goats and G-Strings

If you've been wondering where i've been these last 2 months, I was looking at these for most of the past 3 weeks:

That's a goat, in case you're wondering

As for the rest of the time, well i couldn't really be bothered/had nothing to post.

But I did find some good stuff to post.

First up is a mix that Grum made for Mark Jones' show on BBC 6 Music a couple of months ago. A brilliant mix, full of 80's cheesy pop, along with some of his more recent stuff and some Le Knight Club in the middle of it.
Great way to kill time on car journeys.

One more thing though: Mr. Jones, if you're reading this, and you're probably not, don't say "e-pop" ever again.

Grum - Mark Jones Mix [click to download]

Fleetwood Mac — Everywhere
Fleetwood Mac — Everywhere (Psychmagic Edit)
Donna Allen — Serious
Carmen — Time to Move
Talking Heads — Naive Melody
Toto — Africa
Stevie Nicks — Stand Back
Christopher Cross — Ride like the Wind
Casco — Cybernetic Love
Evelyn "Champagne" King — Love Come Down
The League Unlimited Orchestra — Dont You Want Me (Instrumental)
Imagination — Flashback (Night Dubbing Version)
Kano — I'm Ready
Grum — Runaway
Outrage — That Piano Track
Madonna — Lucky Star
Cori Josias — Takin it Straight
Le Knight Club — Soul Bells
The Pointer Sisters — Dare Me
Electric Light Orchestra — Secret Message
Cut Copy — Lights & Music
Hall & Oates — Out of Touch (Extended Mix)
Chelley — Took the Night (Grum Dub Mix)
The Human League — The Sound of the Crowd
Grum — Cant Shake this Feeling (Grum Club Mix)
TV Rock — In the Air (Grum Remix)
Simple Minds — Promised You a Miracle
Grum — Take me to the Stars
Japan — Ghosts
Grum — Someday We'll Be Together

After 2 weeks up in the mountains, I spent the final week in Algarve, aka the south of Portugal, to catch some sun and take a dip in the waveless ocean.
When I got there, my family and I went to have lunch with some friends we hadn't seen in a few years and had lunch.
However, as I was feasting on a nice plate of chilli, I was asked by their daughter: "Hey, do you wanna go see David Guetta tonight?" Fearful of breaking a friendship with a fit of rage, I accepted.

Fortuantely, as he came up to play, the place was so packed that it was unbreatheable, so we had to get out. Imagine sticking your head in an oven and then adding some humidity. That's how bad it was.
So we go to the other floor to catch our breath and dance with some air around us.
And guess what the DJ started to play shortly after I got in:

Thomas Bangalter - Turbo [click to download]

This track destroyed the place. There was people jumping everywhere and everyone was loving it. It felt so good to see such a classic get a reaction like that.
Oh and Guetta has gained 0.2 points on my ranking, thanks to playing the "We Are Your Friends" acapella.

The next few days were way calmer, and as I was relaxing in the calm and warm sea water, I only had one song in mind.
Before I die, i'm gonna find a deserted island and sing the below song with all my power, whislt floating in the water.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around [click to download]

And as an unrelated bonus, and to fill for a track I couldn't find, here's one that I've been searching for a long time.

Boy Crisis - Fountain Of Youth (Louis La Roche's 'In The Discoteque' Remix) [click to download]


See you in another couple of months (or not),

Monday, 23 August 2010

Jamaica No Problem Review

Hey guys, I woke up knowing I had something to do today, no idea what... Then I saw the date, Jamaica's LP is out today !

So here's Here's first album review.

Cross The Fader

One of the "non new" tracks of the album (There's 5 of it I already knew, that's a lot but... meh). And it represents well the whole album, it's goddamn catchy, in a good way, not in a "ladygaga's popopopopokerface that stays in your head for hours even if you hate her guts" kind of way. 9/10

I Think I Like U 2

Of course the song that made a lot of people discover, and like, Jamaica is on the album. I don't think I need to say much about this one, everyone already heard it a lot. This song is really really good. 10/10

Short And Entertaining

Nothing new here again. Maybe the song is a bit too short, but amazingly entertaining as well. That little electric guitar riff stays in your head, the song seems to be one hour long more than the actual 3 mins because you just keep it in mind for a long time. 8/10


Ok, first new track of the album ! A bit slower than usual, with an oldschool guitar riff that made me think of an old AC/DC (If my memory is right) song I like. Or maybe it's just Denver the last dinosaure's intro. Anyway, the song is good but could have been really better, I didn't really enjoyed it. 6/10

Jamaica - Jericho [click to download]

Oh god. Eargasm. This is what I like when I listen to a song, even the first time, you want to sing along, trying to guess the incoming lyrics. Best song of the album, by far. 10/10


A nice song, but not amazing, a little bit too normal, too calm maybe. Didn't enjoyed it much. 5/10

Jamaica - The Outsider [click to download]

You know a song is good when your head is banging automatically, at least I do. Loved the solo at 2:00. 8/10

Jamaica - By The Numbers [click to download]

Alright, the next I Think I Like U 2 is here. You can't make a catchier song than this one. Everything you need in a song is here. 10/10

Jamaica - Junior [click to download]

An old song, back from the Poney Poney days. As I like to say, good songs don't get old, this one proves it. 7/10

She's Gonna

Last new song of the album. Not a huge fan of the "palapalalala" things in music, but it's ok. 6/10

When Do You Wanna Stop Working

Oh yeah, I wanna stop working right now, and just listen to this. They couldn't have picked a better song to end this album, the distorted guitar at the end sounds really "endish". 9/10

Overall, the album is a success, the only problem I have with it is that the songs might be a little bit too similar, on the construction/progression side. Maybe that's why I'm more into electro than electro-rock.

8/10 for the whole album.

I'll end this review with a little bonus, because I'm that cool with you guys.

Poney Poney - Junior (Chateau Marmont remix) [click to download]

I hope I did great for this first album review.


Back In... Dark Navy...

I'd say back in black, but I'm neither AD/DC or wearing black. I'm actually wearing dark wash Levis and a Batman tee shirt. That's not an important fact. The important fact is that whatever was causing my desktop computer to not function as a normal PC should has ceased, and as of today, I am able to complete large file transfers in time spans of less than a day without any dropped wireless signal AND I AM BACK YO.

So I've had a really interesting summer so far. As could be expected, it was nothing like what I expected it to be. I didn't get my new label kick started, I didn't get to sit down with my guitar/composer buddy and produce his progressive metal single, and I didn't finish any of my Boba Fettuccini projects.

I did however begin work on my Eagle Project, which to those of you who don't know, is the highest rank in Boy Scouts here in America. Yeah, I'm a Boy Scout. Don't laugh. I also went backpacking. I also started a fake correspondance school to help children with sheltered upbringings discover music. I didn't get a job. I still don't have my license. SIGH.

For every great story, there is a soundtrack. I'll skip past all the original score pieces, and right to the songs 'from and inspired by' section, which should be a fun lil jaunt around the block. My tracks don't tend to be the type everyone loves to death, and rarely do I post stuff that gets any degree of good rating on Hypem. Today probably isn't any exception, as my summer soundtrack has been eclectic, and played-out.

First off is Vietnam from Crystal Castles' 2010 album... Crystal Castles. II, for the sake of differentiating it from their first album of the same name from a couple years ago. This track just kills it for me, because I get this image of a really dark scifi or fantasy drama film open sequence in my head. If I had the budget and skills, I would build an entire movie ground up just so I could use this as the intro music. My other favorites from the album were Celestica, Year of Silence, and Birds. I recommend having a listen to them if you haven't already.

Crystal Castles - Vietnam [click to download]

I really dig 80s music. Not all of it, but just in general, the 80s have a really nifty indescribably awesome sound to it. A sort of hip chic that the Hipsters only wish they could pull off without being passe. This song has been on my top tracks of the 80s list since Good Junk sampled it for his epic track Plastic Shoes (sped wayyyy the heck up), and it really just embodies the feeling that 80s music instills within my heart. The best part about it, in my humble opinion, is the fact that the dude who sings this is white as sour cream, but still delivers a soulful punch you'd usually only find in 70s soul, funk and disco, generally an area best represented by those of African descent.

ABC - The Look Of Love [click to download]

The next one I really can't post. It's called Jericho, it's by Jamaica, and it's on the album that hasn't come out yet. Great song. I'll definitely be doing a review of their album No Problem as soon as it's out officially.

I had no idea this track even existed. Seriously. I had heard the name tossed around, and the artist mentioned, but then one day I found I had an MP3 of it in my archives and I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Why isn't this track bigger? Why was crap like Britney Spears on the charts in 2000 when THE SUPERMEN LOVERS should have been TEARING UP THE CHARTS LIKE NICHOLAS CAGE WITH A FLAMING HEAD TEARS UP THE SIDES OF BUILDINGS? I dunno. But it's brilliant, and I feel cheated.

The Supermen Lovers - Starlight [click to download]

One of my other summer experiences was joining a gym a couple weeks ago. I'm in the process of being a nerdy weakling in a Batman shirt to being the embodiment of all that is perfect and physically attractive in the human male... in a Batman shirt. As long as the ladies don't have an aversion to guys who like comic book movies, I should be fine, right? Anyway. One of the things about this gym is that a Zumba class is frequently running while I work out. While Zumba is running, they switch from the God-awful rock classics radio station ( I don't mind classic rock, but it's not for bench-pressing to) and replaces it with their dance mix CD which consists of some old 90s dance classics, a few made-for-Zumba Latin House tracks, and then... these. I'm not proud of the fact that I'm listening to commercial dance music, but these are both so... so... CATCHY. I've had "Baby I like it!" and "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying hey-o!" for days now, and the only cure seems to be inoculating myself with the MP3s.

Enrique Iglesias Ft. Pitbull - I Like It [click to download]

Taio Cruz - Dynamite [click to download]

So there you have some of my summer playlist. Sexy, amiright?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I said the trip, hop, the trip to the trippy

I'm going to deviate from my normal house and electro and focus on something equally as electronic but a bit different.

Trip hop, my dear friends.

You all know it; that gratingly slow, crunchier than peanut brittle and dirtier than Lindsay Lohan's snatch. And hopefully you love it because this post is all about it.

Yep, even dirtier.

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm [click to download]

Bristol's Massive Attack has a very simplistic formula; drum sample, sparse instrumentation and vocals, and that's about it. You've probably heard their track "Teardrop" being used everywhere from House MD to art houses globally. "Safe from Harm" is one of their earliest efforts (from 1990) and on the surface is basically just slow RnB--when in fact it encompasses so much more. This is the track that kicked off an entire genre of slow, melodious British electronic music; not all of it's good or enjoyable but the stuff that is is mindblowing.

And come on, that's just badass.

Bjork - Army Of Me [click to download]

Now I'm hoping some of you have at least heard this one. Bjork's "Army of Me" is a trip-hop classic, angry and acetic and all up in your face! Bjork is an artist of many colors, spanning house to downbeat to orchestral melodramatic song, but this song kind of resonates her personality; as crunchy and disturbed as she is. (You think I'm kidding? Just fucking look at her.) I like to listen to this music when at those times when I'm angry at the world; it makes me remember that Bjork is more screwed up than I am and then I feel better. Oh, and the bass is something amazing too.


And now, for a track from this century:

CocoRosie - RIP Burn Face [click to download]

"RIP Burn Face" by Parisian duo CocoRosie is quite unlike anything I've ever heard. Todd Edwards-y sample backing, crunchy sampled beats and synths, chopped up movie narratives and a siren's vocals make for an eerie combination; as if you're not meant to hear this and it's all some grand secret not to be shared. CocoRosie captures a set of emotions here, one I think uncaptivated by the typical house that populates my mp3 player; I kind of want to just sit and close my eyes and imagine a scene of death and beauty to go along with the track.

This was totally unplanned btw; I meant to make a post about the Scissor Sisters' new album (which is FUCKING RAD) and that will come hopefully soon. One and a half weeks until school, yay. x_o


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hot Dub Injection (Part 3 of 3)

yeah, so it turns out I left a series half baked, so here we are :). This final part's just gonna be tunes I couldn't fit in the other 2, or left out for others, so listen up and enjoy!

up first, somethings I left out of part 1, Rusko's 2 N A Q gets a nice chill rework. been wanting to post this thing for a long time now, so make sure you give it a listen, it's still pretty bass heavy, but not in an overly filthy manner, have a butcher's at it! :)

Rusko - 2 N A Q (Dub Fiend's Chilled Remix) [click to download]

Another exclusion from the first part, it pained me to leave this one out, even more when someone asked me why I DIDN'T post it D:
It's a good remix, but it gets much, much better around 1:45. After that it's pretty mental. And then it's bloody fantastic

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) [click to download]

Moving onto things I left out of part deux, we have a lovely remix of I Remember. Yes I know that track's been remixed by everyone and their mum, and yes I know I already posted the intrumental, but Caspa's remix is one of the best with very throaty bass and the vox of the original. very mucky indeed.

Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix) [click to download]

I couldn't find a place for this next one. And I know what you're thinking, a Dub remix of DP will be terrible (if youtube's anything to go by :P) but this one pulls it off. For a whole 8 minutes. A nice modern spin on a classic track, will be a hit if you play it at a hoedown :D

Daft Punk - One More Time (George Lenton Remix) [click to download]

and to top it all off, a sort of repost of a track I sent in wayyyy back before I was a writer, it's so special it has it's own little post under the title "Holy Mother Of God This Is Insane" so you can guess what it sounds like :3 (I still haven't forgotten that you typo'd my name TWICE in that post Nite :P). however, this one is a slightly longer edit than the old one posted AND it's 320. So go nuts kids, kill your speakers with this monster.

The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix) [click to download]

I suppose the moral of the story is to finish what you start. And on that note I will be returning to my regularly scheduled Warp series after this, so keep your peepers peeled for them :)

busy diggin' a hole,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 16 August 2010

White Sky Remixes

Hi guys, today I'll make you listen to indie! Well, at least one indie song.

Vampire Weekend's new single has been remixed by Cécile and Basement Jaxx, I couldn't not talk about it.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky [click to download]

Well, if you like indie rock, you'll totally like this. Ezra's high pitched voice fits perfectly into this ballad.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Club Mix) [click to download]

Very punchy mix, a good club song indeed (oh yeah, that's the song's name), my least favorite, but still quite good.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Warp Dub Mix) [click to download]

Minimalist during the first minute or so then really noisy and distorted, without being too messy, very good work by Basement Jaxx, as usual.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Vamp Dub Mix) [click to download]

Here comes the hard electro, I didn't expected that from Basement Jaxx to be honest, but it's a good surprise. The tracks looks like an improved version of the second half of the Warp dub mix.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Cécile Remix) [click to download]

Alright, even if I really enjoy the first three remixs, I've got to say that THIS is what I call an amazing remix. Cécile proves one more time that he can turn everything he touches into a masterpiece.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Magna's THREE Review

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you should know that Magna's long awaited third EP (appropriately titled THREE) is released today! Now, I must admit… I am a massive Magna fan, so I couldn’t help but jump on the idea of doing an album review (or rather, EP review) for Three. I now realise that it is really hard to critique something that you really love, so it was quite hard for me to tear the EP to pieces and scrutinise it. It also should be noted that I am a VERY harsh critique and you will not be seeing me giving 9’s and 10’s for every track just for the sake of it.

As a rough guide; 1-2 means that I can’t stand the track and would go out of my way to despise it; 3 means I strongly dislike the track and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole; 4 means I dislike the track or it needs much improvement; 5 means that I nether like nor dislike the track and cannot form an opinion or its negative aspects weight out its positives; 6 means that I like the track but wouldn’t purchase it; 7 means that I like the track and would purchase it; 8 means that I love the track and has won me over completely; 9 means that it is one of my favourite tracks of all time and there is nothing wrong with it; 10 means that it’s a perfect track which could not be improved in any way, shape or form and should become an instant classic.

Righteo, shalt we begin?

<a href="http://magna.bandcamp.com/track/are-you-ready">Are You Ready? by Magna</a>

Are You Ready is an interesting track. The one style I personally associate with Magna (and IMO defines his tracks) is the electro progression that slowly consumes the song. I was very very pleased to hear the first track on the EP utilising this characteristic style. Unless you’re looking for it, you may not have noticed this consuming progression that first rears its head at the 1:50 mark. I find that this really changes the song, take a listen for yourself. First listen to the start of the track and then skip to the end of the song. Though you may have noticed a change, you may not have realised it was to this extreme.


<a href="http://magna.bandcamp.com/track/diamond">Diamond by Magna</a>

<a href="http://magna.bandcamp.com/track/diamond-part-ii">Diamond Part II by Magna</a>

Diamond (both part one and two) are very choppy tracks, but still manage to maintain a beat. Part one combines a nice contrast between the electro and classical elements. It also has a nice dubstep surprise at the 2:10 mark, which is a refreshing break from the repetitious nature of the track. Part two however avoids much of the classical elements of the song which was used to sample it (Diamonds Are Forevvveerrrrrrrr) focusing more of the choppy electro riffs and giving the track a slightly harder element. Unlike ‘Are You Ready?’ neither of the Diamond parts have any progression, which is quite disappointing considering that it is such a repetitious track. I personally think that Part Two needed something else to make it a bit more dissimilar from Part One, though the small changes were still pulled off nicely.

Part 1

Part 2

<a href="http://magna.bandcamp.com/track/when-its-over">When It's Over by Magna</a>

Probably my favourite track from the EP, ‘When Its Over’ has very choppy vocals in contrast to the smooth and laidback music. Thankfully this track employs Magna’s electro progression techniques, though I still think that they would have been better used in the Diamond tracks. This progression first enters at the 2:30 mark and by the end it has devoured the track completely, morphing the track into something completely different. I have nothing to criticise about this track, I personally see this track and Two’s ‘Floating’; A nice refresh which is nothing short of amazing.


<a href="http://magna.bandcamp.com/track/are-you-ready-lbck-remix">Are You Ready? (LBCK Remix) by Magna</a>

The LBCK remix is quite distinctively them, in the way that it incorporates many of their personalised styles. It is also quite funky and toe tapping, though it is by far not my favourite production from these guys. My main criticism with this track is that I cannot find any connection between it and the original. I personally love remixes which maintain some of the aspects of the original, though I cannot find these aspects with this track.


Overall EP:

I loved this EP and I ask you to keep in mind that I am a very harsh critique. I would strongly recommend you adding this to your collection. Now, I must say that I personally didn’t like the album artwork for THREE as much as I did for ONE and TWO. I liked the theme that was maintained through Magna’s Myspace which matched the album artwork, but the artwork on its own just wasn’t as bright and impressive. With that aside, I give the overall EP a 8/10.

The tracks may be downloaded at Magna's Bandcamp with a name your price option. Though you do not have to, I would strongly encourage you to pay whatever you feel this EP deserves (which IMO is quite a bit!!). Keep individuality alive; support up and coming artists!


Certainly not a random tracks post!

Hi there,

You might have noticed I’m posting a lot more than usual the past month. Unfortunately this will change as this will be the last post you will get from me in a while because I’m bunking up and going into studymode once again. But I’ll make it a good one, don’t worry.

First up is a brilliant remix of The Chemical Brother’s Swoon, in my opinion one of the more divine tracks that came out this year (simplicity at it’s best). Remix material comes from Boys Noize as he takes an interesting approach on the song. I would’ve expected a lot more energy from Noize, but au contraire, he actually softened up the song. The title says it all, he made it have a Summer feel.

Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Boys Noize Remix) [click to download]

Boys Noize did another cool remix some time ago for N.E.R.D.’s Hot-N-Fun, just throwing that one in the mix as wel. Cause I don’t know why, but I just like Pharell and his voice.

N.E.R.D. - Hot-N-Fun (Boys Noize Remix) [click to download]

By now you’ll realize this post is all about semi-recent tracks I never managed to post before. But I hate the term shuffle or random post. So I’ll keep denying it’s something like this and try and think of a story to tie all the tracks together.

So boys noise is this guy, right... and the opposite of a guy is like a girl… What a coincidence:

I didn’t hear any hate for Uffie’s album yet… Let’s try and get something started here with something people like to call a comparison:
  • How Uffie’s interesting voice can carry a song:

Uffie - Difficult [click to download]

SebastiAn made an awesome song and Uffie actually contributes by adding some cool catchy vocals, I actually like it.

  • How Uffie’s voice can utterly destroy a masterpiece of a track by le Monsieur Oizo:

Uffie - Neuneu [click to download]

Damn I really need the instrumental for this track, someone make it/release it now, cause I really want to enjoy this song without going crazy for those vocals.
Before the hating commences, remember Add Suv had the pleasure getting remixed by Armand Van Helden, making it a killertrack. So this album did improve our musical heritage in a small way.

So these songs have like beats, right... What a coincidence:

Next up, the Jack Beats made this cool track called Out Of Body, I like how they keep pumping out these great tracks and remixes.

Jack Beats – Out Of Body [click to download]

Phew, this post is going to be a long one… I love it. Proper way to go out for a while!
Now on to two teasers from artists that blew my mind away the first second I listened to them, but don’t get the amount of attention they deserve. I will do a post on them later one, but consider this as an introduction to the greatnesses called Jahcoozi and Mustard Pimp.

Jahcoozi - Barefoot Dub [click to download]

Mustard Pimp - Telesiege [click to download]

So this is like an awesome picture right…

One of the best classical electronic songs ever and it’s a shame we didn’t post this yet, so it’s time for some Rocking…

Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You [click to download]

A man with facial hair like that deserves some attention, Moroder for the win.

Oh and did you hear the next trend in naming your electro bangers is by using SHRT titles with lotts off ABV’s. Yeah, it’s pretty STPD, but hey… We try and go along with the latest TRNDS! Introducing Defeat.

Defeat - VLVT [click to download]

Defeat - DIY [click to download]

Well, there’s not much left to say, I’m pretty proud of the little story I made up in this post as a matter of fact, all these tracks really feel like a whole to me, complementing one another . So goodbye for like a month… I’ll drop by occasionally to introduce our new Bob to you and above else…

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

New Music!

Two weeks ago I announced Magna as our artist of the month. In the interview, we talked about his upcoming EP - THREE. Well, I'm pleased to say that it's now available for download!

You probably heard the tracks of THREE in the post, but even so - download the EP now!! I mean, would Prez really choose an untalented artist to feature? I've been told I'm very picky. And it's not like me to "advertise" like this, so clearly I'm talking about something big.

And of course, you can name your own price if you're a decent human being and want to give back for all of the eargasms you'll have from this album. I mean honestly, a couple bucks divided by listens is (in most cases) a fraction of a cent. So hop to it ya cheap bastards!

Full album review soon.

Support ze artistes!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Here's top 5 Bangers of August

Hey guys, it's me again.

So, hope you liked my top 5 relaxing tunes. Ok, maybe not that relaxing, but far less nervous than the 5 coming right now !

It wasn't easy to only pick 5 songs, but the others will be in my top 5 of September I guess.

No "brand new" song, but a good song never gets old.

#5 A remix by Beat Torrent, Pfel and Atom from C2C, these two guys can remix anything and turn it into something incredible.

Success - Girls From New Orleans (Beat Torrent remix) [click to download]

#4 Another remix, this time by DJ Orgasmic. What can I say ? Ghostface Killah remixed by Orgasmic, that can't be bad, and indeed, it's crazy.

Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Orgasmic remix) [click to download]

#3 Now, something from Japan. This song is simply epileptic.

The Lowbrows - Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag [click to download]

#2 Something from my favorite Italian artist, Cécile. You might know him because of his (awesome, of course) work with The Bloody Beetroots on Have Mercy On Us. Here is something less Baroque, but still really... dark ?

Cécile - Never Trust [click to download]

#1 I'm really surprised I never talked about Nil Hartman. Anyway, here is Seb Ill's remix of one of the best Nil's work.

Nil - Je Tourne En Carré (Seb Ill turblemix) [click to download]

Enjoy !

Monday, 9 August 2010

Here's Top 5 chillin' in August tunes

Well well, as you might know, we're in August ! And as you might also know, I'm a "omg best tune ever !!1§" kinda guy when I hear something I like.

So here's the deal, each month I'll do a top 5 relaxing tunes, and a top 5 banging tunes.

Let's start with the calm ones, because I only slept 3 hours so I'm pretty tired and don't want to hear hard electro right now.

#5 : Ok, I don't remember where / how I first heard this song, but god I love it.

Rainbow Arabia - Holiday In Congo [click to download]

#4 From Den Haan's latest EP, Afterburner. Yes, I like those 80's pewpew sounds.

Den Haan - Afterburner [click to download]

#3 There's no word for this one, just enjoy it.

Tensnake - Coma Cat [click to download]

#2 Maybe the less "relaxing" one, but I love Ramadanman, and this tune just hypnotizes me.

Ramadanman - Dont Change For Me [click to download]

#1 And I'll finish with what I think is the most creative thing I heard from the UK this summer : Mock & Toof. This song is from their brand new LP "Tuning Echoes" go buy it, now.

Mock & Toof - Farewell To Wendo [click to download]

Hope your ears traveled a bit.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Happy Birthday ilictronix!

Hey guys, what's up? I'm actually out of the house right now, typing this on my phone. But in case you didn't know. Today is ilictronix's 2nd birthday.

Two years ago, I was sitting in my room, playing Combat Arms with my buddy James when I thought, I want to make a website. So that night, I sat there thinking of some names. Electronix was taken. Ilectronix looked stupid, as did Elictronix. So, I went with ilictronix (note: all lower case).

And that's basically the story of ilictronix. Nothing too sexy or dramatic. Just one kid and his friend wanting to write about electronic music. Well, James left the 4th day (sucks to be him!) and I was on my own for a few months until I started hiring some writers. Best decision I've ever made.

Since it's small beginnings, ilictronix has grown into a diverse community from dozens of countries, numbering in the tens of thousands. Each day, we receive about 2,500 unique visitors - a number I never thought I'd ever see.

So thank you, readers, writers, commentators, etc. Without you guys, ilictronix would be nothing. Each day I come home and look at my website with great pride, because one little idea in my head spawned into a heavy hitter in the blogosphere. *tear* I love you guys.

I would love to post music, but I'm sorry I'm not home to dig up a track. Hopefully my sincere-for-the-first-time-ever blogging is good enough for you all.

So from all of us, thank you. And happy birthday ilictronix! Keep the love coming, you guys. I have the best fans in the world.

Cocktails for everyone,

PS - Another happy birthday to our writer, Claude. Have a good one bud.

Miami Horror

Today to present to you my second Aussie artist; Miami Horror. Some of you may have noticed them in the Jukebox and you may have heard Prez expressing his disappointment in the Shoutbox when he was unable to see them live. Well sorry Prez, I have seen them live and I loved them. Miami Horror is the work of one Mr. Benjamin Plant, an electronic music producer from Melbourne. Their earlier productions can be defined as somewhat hard electro backed by soft, melodious synths that give the tracks an almost spacey and futuristic theme. Whereas their newer productions, most notably ‘Sometimes’ averts its focus from the hard and narrows in on the soft. Miami Horror has a new album due on 20th August, and from album previews it appears as if they are continuing on this new softer theme.

Earlier Productions (Bravado EP):

Illumination is a great example of their hard electro style. Also, the album due out on the 2th is also titled Illumination (No doubt after this track) so its surprising that what I’ve heard so far strays so far from this harder theme.

Miami Horror - Illumination [click to download]

Make You Mine is currently in the Jukebox, but I thought I’d draw more focus to this track and offer a download link. This track is very groovy, and quite different in contrast to Illumination or Summerfest.

Miami Horror - Make You Mine [click to download]

Miami Horror - Dont Be On With Her [click to download]

Miami Horror - Summerfest 86 [click to download]

Miami Horror - Bellevue [click to download]

Just for kicks, here’s the Fred Falke remix of Make You Mine.

Miami Horror - Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix) [click to download]

Newer Productions (Illumination):

Moon Theory is the first single (besides from Sometimes) from the album. Not my favourite track however.

Miami Horror - Moon Theory [click to download]

Sometimes was released as a single, but is featuring on the Illumination album. This is pretty much the song that skyrocketed them to success. I also LOVE the filmclip. Its not really anything epicly special about it, its just beautiful.

Miami Horror - Sometimes [click to download]

Drooling for more? Website // Myspace // Twitter // Facebook

Love it? Want to support it? You can pre-order Miami Horrors new album and buy their other tracks from Their Website, iTunes or TheInSong.com. Keep individuality alive, support amazing artists!

Just for extra kicks; heres the Illumination minimix I ripped off their Facebook. Stream only.

Miami Horror - Illumination Mini Mix [click to download]


Friday, 6 August 2010

Claude's Birthday Treats

It's my Birthday on the 8th, and it was a tough choice on whether to do another Warp entry or knock up a lil' treat for you, loyal readers, a nice fresh dollop of Pick 'N Mix :).
You've probably had enough of my warp posts for a while. Good news, because so have I, and instead have this mixed bag to share with you all, a whole 2 days early, you lucky bunch.

This will be you very soon

First up is a fairly old track I decided to look up on Elbo.ws a while back, I only found broken or low quality links. Good thing ol' uncle Claude had a 256 version hidden away then isn't it? :) as the mix says, it's really heavenly house

Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) [click to download]

An oldie but goodie that's been motivating me lately, Mehdi's Busy Being Born. The build up a minute in just kills me every time. When it all comes together, it's brilliant.

DJ Mehdi - Busy Being Born [click to download]

Now for any of you out there complaining about the lack of electro again, let me pull this ace from my sleeve (pun intended), probably my favourite Beetroots remix ever, it's a shame the don't do stuff like this anymore. Anyway, enjoy the face melting goodness.

Alex Gopher - The Game (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [click to download]

Guess what? I'm gonna throw in some dubstep too so you lot don't complain either! first up is some euphoric remixing by D1, taking a chill track and applying some filth. you'd swear it was a trance track weren't it for the seismic bass. Enjoy, 'cause I know I do.

ConQuest - Forever (D1 Remix) [click to download]

and this one's just here because it popped up while I was playing through my Dub folder and I thought you'd all like it :), I forget the details of the band besides they have a myspace under toastdubstep or something, check 'em out!

Toast - Capsules [click to download]

this final track's a bit of a wild card, but this is Pick 'N Mix, and I wanna have something for everyone. from a legendary album (that wasn't released on Warp, you'll be glad to hear :P) enjoy the smooth synths and heavy bassline on this number way ahead of it's time for 1992.

Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth [click to download]

Your probably thinking I have more reason than simple boredom for me to slow down my posting/the warp series, and you're right. truth is, I'm trying to prepare for my inevitable return to school and the schedule it will give me. BUT I also want to focus on some side projects I had planned and make the most of the free time I have left (as I mentioned in the shoutbox) for said projects. Stay tuned for the results of them, it might take a while.
I'll still be lingering on the site despite all this, even if I aren't feel free to E-mail me with anything you want (within reason :P) and maybe even listen to my daily ramblings over on twitter (.com/ClaudeVanFoxbat)

Movin' at the speed of life,
-Claude Van Foxbat