Monday, 23 August 2010

Back In... Dark Navy...

I'd say back in black, but I'm neither AD/DC or wearing black. I'm actually wearing dark wash Levis and a Batman tee shirt. That's not an important fact. The important fact is that whatever was causing my desktop computer to not function as a normal PC should has ceased, and as of today, I am able to complete large file transfers in time spans of less than a day without any dropped wireless signal AND I AM BACK YO.

So I've had a really interesting summer so far. As could be expected, it was nothing like what I expected it to be. I didn't get my new label kick started, I didn't get to sit down with my guitar/composer buddy and produce his progressive metal single, and I didn't finish any of my Boba Fettuccini projects.

I did however begin work on my Eagle Project, which to those of you who don't know, is the highest rank in Boy Scouts here in America. Yeah, I'm a Boy Scout. Don't laugh. I also went backpacking. I also started a fake correspondance school to help children with sheltered upbringings discover music. I didn't get a job. I still don't have my license. SIGH.

For every great story, there is a soundtrack. I'll skip past all the original score pieces, and right to the songs 'from and inspired by' section, which should be a fun lil jaunt around the block. My tracks don't tend to be the type everyone loves to death, and rarely do I post stuff that gets any degree of good rating on Hypem. Today probably isn't any exception, as my summer soundtrack has been eclectic, and played-out.

First off is Vietnam from Crystal Castles' 2010 album... Crystal Castles. II, for the sake of differentiating it from their first album of the same name from a couple years ago. This track just kills it for me, because I get this image of a really dark scifi or fantasy drama film open sequence in my head. If I had the budget and skills, I would build an entire movie ground up just so I could use this as the intro music. My other favorites from the album were Celestica, Year of Silence, and Birds. I recommend having a listen to them if you haven't already.

Crystal Castles - Vietnam [click to download]

I really dig 80s music. Not all of it, but just in general, the 80s have a really nifty indescribably awesome sound to it. A sort of hip chic that the Hipsters only wish they could pull off without being passe. This song has been on my top tracks of the 80s list since Good Junk sampled it for his epic track Plastic Shoes (sped wayyyy the heck up), and it really just embodies the feeling that 80s music instills within my heart. The best part about it, in my humble opinion, is the fact that the dude who sings this is white as sour cream, but still delivers a soulful punch you'd usually only find in 70s soul, funk and disco, generally an area best represented by those of African descent.

ABC - The Look Of Love [click to download]

The next one I really can't post. It's called Jericho, it's by Jamaica, and it's on the album that hasn't come out yet. Great song. I'll definitely be doing a review of their album No Problem as soon as it's out officially.

I had no idea this track even existed. Seriously. I had heard the name tossed around, and the artist mentioned, but then one day I found I had an MP3 of it in my archives and I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Why isn't this track bigger? Why was crap like Britney Spears on the charts in 2000 when THE SUPERMEN LOVERS should have been TEARING UP THE CHARTS LIKE NICHOLAS CAGE WITH A FLAMING HEAD TEARS UP THE SIDES OF BUILDINGS? I dunno. But it's brilliant, and I feel cheated.

The Supermen Lovers - Starlight [click to download]

One of my other summer experiences was joining a gym a couple weeks ago. I'm in the process of being a nerdy weakling in a Batman shirt to being the embodiment of all that is perfect and physically attractive in the human male... in a Batman shirt. As long as the ladies don't have an aversion to guys who like comic book movies, I should be fine, right? Anyway. One of the things about this gym is that a Zumba class is frequently running while I work out. While Zumba is running, they switch from the God-awful rock classics radio station ( I don't mind classic rock, but it's not for bench-pressing to) and replaces it with their dance mix CD which consists of some old 90s dance classics, a few made-for-Zumba Latin House tracks, and then... these. I'm not proud of the fact that I'm listening to commercial dance music, but these are both so... so... CATCHY. I've had "Baby I like it!" and "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying hey-o!" for days now, and the only cure seems to be inoculating myself with the MP3s.

Enrique Iglesias Ft. Pitbull - I Like It [click to download]

Taio Cruz - Dynamite [click to download]

So there you have some of my summer playlist. Sexy, amiright?


Colour said...

Im quite surprised you haven't heard Starlight..

It was released around the same time as Modjo's - Lady (2000); Trains - Drops of Jupiter (2001); Daft Punks - HBFS (2001); & Stardusts - Music Sounds Better With You (1998).

I grew up on this stuff. (not thanks to my mother though who pumped me with Matchbox 20 and Savage Garden, god i love them).

Alex said...

Latin house? Really? That's as generic as house can get.

Mr. Brown said...

Yeah, same here Colour... The starlight track was top of the charts in Europe for weeks. I used to watch the videoclip a million times.

@Alex, the Latin House thing had nothing to do with the posted songs, I'm kinda lost at your comment :p

And now that I'm at it: that "Look Of Love" is damn sexy!

Champiness said...

Speaking of which, there's actually an excellent Basement Jaxx remix of "The Look Of Love" that they put up for free download on Valentine's Day:

Adam said...

Lol this post was all over the place, crystal castles and mr. inglesias in the same post?!

I love it! (not so much the latin house but the randomness of everything)

They say that radio pop house is like sugar, sure its good in small doses by itself but too much can give you a headache, its purpose is mixing lol.

My fav commercial dance song is "cooler than me"... damn that song is catchy!

Adam said...

Oh yeah that and rhianas rude boy... man I'm not sure why but I cannot get enough of that song.

Boba Fettuccini said...

@MR. Brown: I mentioned that the Zumba class plays lots of Latin house. That's what Alex was commenting on. Also, I don;t live in Europe, so i miss all the Eupopean chart toppers.

@Champi: Thanks for the link.

@Adam: Random is where it's at ;)

Boba Fettuccini said...

@Colour: Seriously? Train? As in the same train behind that obnoxious 'hey sould sister' track?

Boba Fettuccini said...

[CONT] I'm seriously curious as to why you used Train as an example of what else was released around it, as Train is... accoustic rock... nothing to do with the house music there at all.

@Champi: I retract my thanks. That's a horrible remix.

Colour said...

@Boba Yes the same Train. But i agree with you 100%, that Hey Soul Sister track is the shittest thing i've ever heard.

Also I included that track as personally I strongly associate it with Starlight. And you have to admit that most people know that track. I know its acoustic and is far from electronic, but at the time I couldn't differentiate between the two genres anyway. As soon as I hear Starlight i immediately think of Lady, Drops of jupiter and MSBWY. And that is why I included it..

Boba Fettuccini said...

You're weird :P

kurmidt said...

agreed re: the 80s, and that crystal castles song is awesome, for some reason i only have a remix of it, doy.

good luck getting pumped.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I don't need luck, cuz I'VE GOT THE POWAH