Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chinese Man

Hi everyone !

Today I'm gonna talk about Chinese Man.

Chinese Man is in fact 3 french guys. Zé Mateo, High Ku and SLY, sometimes two other artists from Chinese Man Records participate in the creation of songs : Leo le Bug and Le Yan.

I discovered those guys about a year ago and simply loved their music ever since. The Trip-Hop they make is of course very Hip Hop influenced, but you can hear a bit of Jazz or Reggae in it too.

Chinese Man - Post Trauma (Ft. Cyph4) [click to download]

You can hear Dexter's voice in Post Trauma, people sampling Dexter can't be bad.

Chinese Man - Ayoyo [click to download]

Chinese Man - Eight Y Cinco [click to download]

Chinese Man - More [click to download]

Chinese Man - Jumpin' In Havana [click to download]

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.



WhiteTune said...

Love this, just my style of music, Thanks for enlightening me! And +1 for dexter is awwwesoome~

Anonymous said...

Chinese man is great, thanks for consistently bringing the tunes, Here!

Anonymous said...

luvin' the tunes. the track with Dexter sample is ace. definitely would like to hear more for these guys

Stop Making Sense said...

Chinese Man playing at RichMix in London 4th November!!! Adv Tickets here: http://bit.ly/r0JE1r along with Skoob Le Roi and Leyan. Gonna be a cracker!!!