Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Guetta, Goats and G-Strings

If you've been wondering where i've been these last 2 months, I was looking at these for most of the past 3 weeks:

That's a goat, in case you're wondering

As for the rest of the time, well i couldn't really be bothered/had nothing to post.

But I did find some good stuff to post.

First up is a mix that Grum made for Mark Jones' show on BBC 6 Music a couple of months ago. A brilliant mix, full of 80's cheesy pop, along with some of his more recent stuff and some Le Knight Club in the middle of it.
Great way to kill time on car journeys.

One more thing though: Mr. Jones, if you're reading this, and you're probably not, don't say "e-pop" ever again.

Grum - Mark Jones Mix [click to download]

Fleetwood Mac — Everywhere
Fleetwood Mac — Everywhere (Psychmagic Edit)
Donna Allen — Serious
Carmen — Time to Move
Talking Heads — Naive Melody
Toto — Africa
Stevie Nicks — Stand Back
Christopher Cross — Ride like the Wind
Casco — Cybernetic Love
Evelyn "Champagne" King — Love Come Down
The League Unlimited Orchestra — Dont You Want Me (Instrumental)
Imagination — Flashback (Night Dubbing Version)
Kano — I'm Ready
Grum — Runaway
Outrage — That Piano Track
Madonna — Lucky Star
Cori Josias — Takin it Straight
Le Knight Club — Soul Bells
The Pointer Sisters — Dare Me
Electric Light Orchestra — Secret Message
Cut Copy — Lights & Music
Hall & Oates — Out of Touch (Extended Mix)
Chelley — Took the Night (Grum Dub Mix)
The Human League — The Sound of the Crowd
Grum — Cant Shake this Feeling (Grum Club Mix)
TV Rock — In the Air (Grum Remix)
Simple Minds — Promised You a Miracle
Grum — Take me to the Stars
Japan — Ghosts
Grum — Someday We'll Be Together

After 2 weeks up in the mountains, I spent the final week in Algarve, aka the south of Portugal, to catch some sun and take a dip in the waveless ocean.
When I got there, my family and I went to have lunch with some friends we hadn't seen in a few years and had lunch.
However, as I was feasting on a nice plate of chilli, I was asked by their daughter: "Hey, do you wanna go see David Guetta tonight?" Fearful of breaking a friendship with a fit of rage, I accepted.

Fortuantely, as he came up to play, the place was so packed that it was unbreatheable, so we had to get out. Imagine sticking your head in an oven and then adding some humidity. That's how bad it was.
So we go to the other floor to catch our breath and dance with some air around us.
And guess what the DJ started to play shortly after I got in:

Thomas Bangalter - Turbo [click to download]

This track destroyed the place. There was people jumping everywhere and everyone was loving it. It felt so good to see such a classic get a reaction like that.
Oh and Guetta has gained 0.2 points on my ranking, thanks to playing the "We Are Your Friends" acapella.

The next few days were way calmer, and as I was relaxing in the calm and warm sea water, I only had one song in mind.
Before I die, i'm gonna find a deserted island and sing the below song with all my power, whislt floating in the water.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around [click to download]

And as an unrelated bonus, and to fill for a track I couldn't find, here's one that I've been searching for a long time.

Boy Crisis - Fountain Of Youth (Louis La Roche's 'In The Discoteque' Remix) [click to download]


See you in another couple of months (or not),


Champiness said...

C'mon, David Guetta's not THAT bad...

Alex said...

Yes he is. I saw him for about 2 minutes before leaving and he barely touched the decks.

And his tracks are crap.

Mr. Brown said...

Have to agree with Alex here, saw Guetta live (thought I'd give him a shot to see if he earned some respect), left after about 10 minutes because he sucked so hard!

Adam said...

I dugg this article for bangalater, that is all.

PFF (Palatable FunkFable) said...

hate guetta

wall art said...

Thanks a lot for sharing.