Monday, 9 August 2010

Here's Top 5 chillin' in August tunes

Well well, as you might know, we're in August ! And as you might also know, I'm a "omg best tune ever !!1§" kinda guy when I hear something I like.

So here's the deal, each month I'll do a top 5 relaxing tunes, and a top 5 banging tunes.

Let's start with the calm ones, because I only slept 3 hours so I'm pretty tired and don't want to hear hard electro right now.

#5 : Ok, I don't remember where / how I first heard this song, but god I love it.

Rainbow Arabia - Holiday In Congo [click to download]

#4 From Den Haan's latest EP, Afterburner. Yes, I like those 80's pewpew sounds.

Den Haan - Afterburner [click to download]

#3 There's no word for this one, just enjoy it.

Tensnake - Coma Cat [click to download]

#2 Maybe the less "relaxing" one, but I love Ramadanman, and this tune just hypnotizes me.

Ramadanman - Dont Change For Me [click to download]

#1 And I'll finish with what I think is the most creative thing I heard from the UK this summer : Mock & Toof. This song is from their brand new LP "Tuning Echoes" go buy it, now.

Mock & Toof - Farewell To Wendo [click to download]

Hope your ears traveled a bit.


minimal trance said...

i was hoping to hear a remix of one of the songs from the 80's sega game 'afterburner' for that afterburner track!

untra said...

The farewell to wendo track is pretty rad. Definitely my favorite.