Monday, 23 August 2010

Jamaica No Problem Review

Hey guys, I woke up knowing I had something to do today, no idea what... Then I saw the date, Jamaica's LP is out today !

So here's Here's first album review.

Cross The Fader

One of the "non new" tracks of the album (There's 5 of it I already knew, that's a lot but... meh). And it represents well the whole album, it's goddamn catchy, in a good way, not in a "ladygaga's popopopopokerface that stays in your head for hours even if you hate her guts" kind of way. 9/10

I Think I Like U 2

Of course the song that made a lot of people discover, and like, Jamaica is on the album. I don't think I need to say much about this one, everyone already heard it a lot. This song is really really good. 10/10

Short And Entertaining

Nothing new here again. Maybe the song is a bit too short, but amazingly entertaining as well. That little electric guitar riff stays in your head, the song seems to be one hour long more than the actual 3 mins because you just keep it in mind for a long time. 8/10


Ok, first new track of the album ! A bit slower than usual, with an oldschool guitar riff that made me think of an old AC/DC (If my memory is right) song I like. Or maybe it's just Denver the last dinosaure's intro. Anyway, the song is good but could have been really better, I didn't really enjoyed it. 6/10

Jamaica - Jericho [click to download]

Oh god. Eargasm. This is what I like when I listen to a song, even the first time, you want to sing along, trying to guess the incoming lyrics. Best song of the album, by far. 10/10


A nice song, but not amazing, a little bit too normal, too calm maybe. Didn't enjoyed it much. 5/10

Jamaica - The Outsider [click to download]

You know a song is good when your head is banging automatically, at least I do. Loved the solo at 2:00. 8/10

Jamaica - By The Numbers [click to download]

Alright, the next I Think I Like U 2 is here. You can't make a catchier song than this one. Everything you need in a song is here. 10/10

Jamaica - Junior [click to download]

An old song, back from the Poney Poney days. As I like to say, good songs don't get old, this one proves it. 7/10

She's Gonna

Last new song of the album. Not a huge fan of the "palapalalala" things in music, but it's ok. 6/10

When Do You Wanna Stop Working

Oh yeah, I wanna stop working right now, and just listen to this. They couldn't have picked a better song to end this album, the distorted guitar at the end sounds really "endish". 9/10

Overall, the album is a success, the only problem I have with it is that the songs might be a little bit too similar, on the construction/progression side. Maybe that's why I'm more into electro than electro-rock.

8/10 for the whole album.

I'll end this review with a little bonus, because I'm that cool with you guys.

Poney Poney - Junior (Chateau Marmont remix) [click to download]

I hope I did great for this first album review.



Boba Fettuccini said...

Curse you, Here! I was going to review it! I even said so in my post last night :(

Here said...

Oh crap, seriously ? I wasn't home today so i did not read your post, sorry mate :(

MixiM said...

Here's an idea! Post both!... Would be cool with two different opinions. But now after boba has read this post his opinions may be tainted? Or was it already written? =)


Boba Fettuccini said...

If no one has an objection, I could do a review too. My opinions on the album vary considerably.

Colour said...

Wow.. I love it.

Im constantly looking for new semi-electronic albums that I can use to transition my friends into the electric genres and this is perfect!

Cheers :)

Nate said...

I'm pretty sure 'Jericho' samples the Velvet Underground song (1970s classic rock group) 'Sweet Jane.'

viva said...

has anyone seen them live? i wonder if they make for a good show. thinking about seeing them later this month.