Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mob? What mob?

I bring you goodies today--an ilictronix exclusive! We here at ilictronix love Club Cavalry, even though he's seemed to have disappeared in recent months. Luckily though, he's back, with a slammin' new remix of Earl Grey's "Russian Mob Offices".

Delicious and funky.

Earl Grey - Russian Mob Offices (Club Cavalry Remix) [click to download]

The remix is wildly different from the original track, incorporating more of the sample and generally flipping it on its aft end. This is a stellar effort from Club Cavalry--though radically different from his earlier tracks and remixes. (Read: SYNTHS. SYYYYNTHS.) Regardless the mix is chock-full of samples and a bassline to beat your brain.

In case you haven't heard the original track, check it out:

Earl Grey - Russian Mob Offices [click to download]

Where Club Cavalry brings the funk, Earl Grey's original mix brings the soul. The track is a vermouth composition of smooth beats, synths and well-interlaced samples. Its effect is almost hypnotic, in fact. This is one of the first tracks of Earl Grey's I've heard and, I must say, he shows a lot of promise. Rumour has it he's releasing an EP soon--that should be interesting.

The probable offices of the Russian mob.

Also, a bonus--Skrillex.

Skrillex - My Name Is Skrillex [click to download]

If you can't figure out why I posted this, fast forward to about halfway through the song and prick up your ears...



prez jordan said...

the russian mob offices remix sounds like it's low quality... is it?

Claude Van Foxbat said...
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Claude Van Foxbat said...

Edit: just dl'd it, says it's 320, but I see what you mean prez.
Pehaps it's just how it's been mastered. or it's a 128 bumped up to 320 :P

either way, it's fairly decent. Not really my type of sound, but I can listen to it :)

minimal trance said...

thanks for some dope beats there, dig russian mob offices

Power Glove Records said...

Coming soon on Power GLove Records...!

Jenny said...

BAHAHAHA this track was named after where I work. Thanks Earl!
I'm actually sitting in my russian mob office listening to this as we speak....and the russian mob boss just came around to yell at me for being on the internet. oh the irony. great post.