Monday, 16 August 2010

White Sky Remixes

Hi guys, today I'll make you listen to indie! Well, at least one indie song.

Vampire Weekend's new single has been remixed by Cécile and Basement Jaxx, I couldn't not talk about it.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky [click to download]

Well, if you like indie rock, you'll totally like this. Ezra's high pitched voice fits perfectly into this ballad.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Club Mix) [click to download]

Very punchy mix, a good club song indeed (oh yeah, that's the song's name), my least favorite, but still quite good.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Warp Dub Mix) [click to download]

Minimalist during the first minute or so then really noisy and distorted, without being too messy, very good work by Basement Jaxx, as usual.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Vamp Dub Mix) [click to download]

Here comes the hard electro, I didn't expected that from Basement Jaxx to be honest, but it's a good surprise. The tracks looks like an improved version of the second half of the Warp dub mix.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Cécile Remix) [click to download]

Alright, even if I really enjoy the first three remixs, I've got to say that THIS is what I call an amazing remix. Cécile proves one more time that he can turn everything he touches into a masterpiece.


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