Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This Kitten Has A Lion's Roar

Pardon my hyperbole but the Scissor Sisters are the greatest band in existence. The first time I heard them was back in 2005 on the soundtrack of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (don't look at me like that, that game was boss.) This was back before I knew what house was; yet, here they were, producing the baddest, trashiest disco house ever known to man. I mean that in the awesomest way possible.

Imagine my elation when I heard the news of the release of their new album.

Night Work is a pop music cavalcade, ranging from ballad to upbeat dance to pure house funk. This post will focus on the latter two. :)

Shall we?
Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way [click to download]

If you don't like this song, please remove yourself from the Earth immediately. 'Any Which Way' lyrically is a dirty, scandalous and sexual song and the instrumentation is set to match. Dirty fourstep synthesizer bass, disco strings and Jake Shears's unceasing falsetto makes for a great track in my book. I like this track especially (besides Ana Matronic's seductive solo) because it's a good blend of analog and digital--the sensual synths blend perfectly with guitars and crunchy drums. Also because it's amazing. Don't deny it.

Like seriously, have my babies.

Scissor Sisters - Something Like This [click to download]

'Something Like This' is a bit slower but just as funky. This is a good example of one of their more electronic tracks (and you know it's electro because it totally rips off Kraftwerk) and, though it's got kind of a generic sound, it still stands well on its own. Someone totes needs to remix it and throw some raaaaaaaave synths on it though!

Don't mess with Kraftwerk. LOL JK EVERYONE HAS

Scissor Sisters - Sex and Violence [click to download]

'Sex and Violence' is certainly the most unapologetic song off the album (and, as the title may imply, it's from the point of view of a rapist). Despite the gruesome subject matter, the track is a congregation of dark and dirty synths which tickle the libido. Filters too! Legit, I want to have sexual relations with this song blasting in the background. Does that make me weird? Who cares.

And speaking of weird...

And the piece de resistance...
Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light [click to download]

This song inspires me. 'Invisible Light' is kind of abstract, in both meaning and instrumentation, but it's incredibly intense. The first time I heard this song, I think I cried. Everything about it is flawless. "An invisible light to keep me alive" was an especially touching lyrics for me; around the time I discovered the song my mother was hospitalized with a serious condition and this song helped me cope. Some people don't believe in the power of music but I certainly do and this song is a testament to that.

Also Boys Noize did a remix of it but it kind of sucks so I'm not posting it.

That's all for now, folks. I have plenty more trashy discopop to show you later, but now it is time for me to sleep.
Au revoir!


Zhang said...

I was also disappointed with the Boys Noize remix of Invisible Light.

I had a listen to the Siriusmo remix though, and loved it.


THAT'S how you remix this song!

Anonymous said...

get that guff off of here
the scissor sisters are shite

Here said...

Constructive comment, thanks anon.

Alex said...

Was waiting for a Scissor Sisters post for a long time.

Awesome stuff.