Monday, 25 October 2010

The Catalogue by Kraftwerk: part II

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Okay, this is a little humiliating, but back in the day (February the 5th to be precise) I started a series of reviews to bring you some insight into one of the most influential electronical music artists...

And those of you who actually waited for the second part to appear are finally getting what they deserve, the long awaited continuation of the Catalogue review.

Kraftwerk's second album Radio-Aktivitat (You guessed right, Radio-Activity in English) was created after the 1975 Autobahn tour. The Kling Klang studio's equipment got upgraded and in this fully operational recording studio, Kraftwerk started making electronic pop tunes. The album wasn't exceptionally popular in the UK and the USA (but everybody knows "those guys" have absolutely no taste in music), but got a gold record in France. A European tour and some promotional video's however, did spread the name Kraftwerk to the general public. The central theme of the album was the band's shared interest in radio communication.

Enough with the jibber jabber, let's listen to some music.

The album's title song and one of the most famous tracks by Kraftwerk starts of with some geigerteller samples and cheerfull synths. The simple vocals and the happy synthsound contrast heavily with the background music and the sad sounding monotone drums. I find this contrast to be the source of power to this song that has a clear message against nuclear energy (which I don't agree with for the record).

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity [click to download]

To break away from the heavy athmosphere left by the first track, here's another cheerfull song. I just like the uplifting tempo on the drums (they remind me of Karma Chameleon, I'm gay like that).

Kraftwerk - Airwaves [click to download]

Ohm Sweet Ohm:
Apart from the funny play on words in the title, this song manages to annoy the hell out of me by being so slow. And because of this absurd reason I love it! I keep bobbing my head to try and speed it up, but nothing happens and suddenly after two minutes the tempo suddenly shifts and I get happy like a baby watching his mom unbutton her blouse after an equal time of extreme hunger.

Kraftwerk - Ohm Sweet Ohm [click to download]

Why did I choose these 3 songs? To be honest, everything else was some filler music or inaudible avant-garde radio-noise. Remember, they only just started to make pop music.

Let's hope the next album review doesn't take me 8 months to write...

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Champiness said...

About Ohm Sweet Ohm:

messer hani said...

this is so true, Radio-Activity is all fillers and radio sounds. even the title track is nothing special. Airwaves is the only track worth listening.

don't get me wrong, I love Kraftwerk like no one else does, believe me, I'm a true fan, but... this album is a thing to forget.

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