Monday, 18 October 2010

Mr Moustache

Hi guys, today I'm gonna make you listen to Mr Moustache !

Mr Moustache is a 20 years old disco house producer from Czech Republic. As for a lot of new producers there is not much information about him, he is mostly inspired by french disco house, and well, you can definitely hear it in his songs.

He just released his first EP on Freedom Record, and let me say, it has some pretty good tracks !

Mr Moustache - Big Tasty

Mr Moustache - Female

Mr Moustache - Heart Sing

Mr Moustache - Marry Me

Mr Moustache - HoneyMoon

Mr Moustache's Soundcloud

For those who like it, you can buy the whole EP here. It's the kind of amazing young producer that needs support in my opinion.



Anonymous said...

wow! worth the stream Mr. Moustache's songs, way to go dudez :3


Mr. Brown said...

cool trax, although I think Magna's remix off Big Tasty is way better than the original. Not sure if I may post it though :)

Clinton Judy said...

Thanks for posting about this a few months ago. I love this guy now.

modern canvas said...

What a brilliant post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us!