Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Please Don't Leave Me Here

Helloooo everyone. I'd apologize for not posting very much but I sense that's getting old. I'm actually supposed to be doing college apps right now... but you know what? I love you guys too much to neglect you any longer (and it's been a while). :p

Today's (read: this month's) post will be a bit divergent from the homophile electropop that you've become accustomed to. (And to think, I was brought on the team for my french house expertise. Ha!)

Instead I'd like to welcome to the world of Korean electroclash.

Clazziquai Project is a trio of Korean musicians who've been around since 2001. They haven't received widespread exposure outside of Asia--which is unfortunate, as their music is amazing. On the surface they're basically a pop group (perhaps analogous to Linkin Park, except... not thrash metal), but the superb production of DJ Clazzi, mixing acid jazz with electroclash with bossa lounge house, is incomparable to anything in the Western music scene or elsewhere for that matter. Feast on this deliciousness.

Clazziquai Project - Robotica [click to download]

'Robotica' is a piece of futurism at its strangest yet most wonderful. The bass and synths are trippy, but almost Daft-esque; the beat is half-dub, half-microhouse; the vocoder is bliss. This is a good representative of Clazziquai's electronic tracks: strange interspersed samples, whistlestop beat and unintelligible vocals ("Please don't leave me alone, please don't leave me here"? Get a GPS, for Chrissakes). For me, at least, it creates a formula of infectious influenza. Also the video is really freaking awesome.

Necessary to prevent Clazzi fever.

Clazziquai Project - Love Again [click to download]

'Love Again' is a bit more stomping and a helluva lot more glitchy. The synths scream "Dance you fools!", driving and hard and reminiscent of one Tim the Tool-Man Taylor. Once again Clazziquai's propensity to make catchy tracks shine through; if you aren't putting your hands up and shouting "I'M IN LOOOOOVE AGAIN" by the end of this track, then the only reason you ever put your hands up is to speak in sign language. Was that insensitive? Oops. Point being the song's awesome.

Sorry Helen.

Clazziquai Project - After Love [click to download]

The intro to 'After Love' is a bit strange (seemingly copped from a ghetto rendition of "Forrest Gump"), but it leads into a melody so mellow and relaxing it could cure ADHD. (More insensitivity woo. But I had ADHD as a child, so it's okay?) This, as a kind of synthounge track, is actually an in-between for Clazziquai; many of there songs are straight-up bossa lounge with barely a synth to be found. I prefer this mix however; this blend of the acoustic and the electronic is ideal and incomparable.

Bonus for you all, a remix:
Clazziquai Project - Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix) [click to download]

Holy. fack. Never before have I heard this melting pot of house, electroclash, dubstep and Todd Edwards-style pure groove. Shinichi Osawa sure does deliver in this remix of Clazziquai's "Prayers". It's almost arrythmic at some points, but the intensity it produces makes up for any brief harshness of sound; this is pure raaaaave. I dare you not to gyrate your body wildly in response.

What you should be doing right now.

m-flo loves Sowelu - So Exclusive (Clazziquai Project Remix) [click to download]

Bonus bonus: Clazziquai remix of m-flo's "So Exclusive". Not too much to say about this one, other than this was my favorite track -ever- for an extended period of time many years ago.

Peace folks! See you soon. <3


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. The Shinichi Osawa remix definitely takes the cake. I love the use of the appropriate GIF.

Rahab said...

You should really get onto Shinichi Osawa's remix compilation (it's called TEPPAN-YAKI) - plenty more of that sorta stuff on there. Real good shit

Julian said...

That Shinichi Osawa remix is fucking RIDICULOUS! Like pure eargasm.

Pasare Iad said...

*-* OMG WHY I DIDNT FOUND YOU BEFORE!! Thank you so much for share :D GREAT SONGS!!