Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Catchy post title

Hello guys !

Let's cut the talking part, cause I don't have much to say anyway !

First, Beat Torrent, you might remember the Girl From New Orleans remix I posted a few months ago, their album Reworks is out and it's really good, go get it!

Birdy Nam Nam - Abbesses (Beat Torrent Remix) [click to download]

Breakbot gives us a good old groovy remix of Aeroplane.

Aeroplane - Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) [click to download]

An amazing remix of Zombie Nation, by Mehdi, that can't be bad, right ?

Zombie Nation - Overshoot (DJ Mehdi Remix) [click to download]

My favorite song from Digitalism new EP Blitz

Digitalism - Stratosphere [click to download]

Tecla De Oro, a producer from Chile sent me this song last week, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Tecla De Oro - Carnivalito [click to download]

And because all those track are pretty much new, here is a track from Drexciya, this song is legendary, I'm not affraid to use the word.

Drexciya - Digital Tsunami [click to download]

Let me know what you think about those songs, and sorry for the lack of inspiration, got a lot to doo :(



Bastille said...

Why is Carnavalito's genre labeled as Post Dubstep? What does that even mean?

Sims said...

Thanks for the breakbot find...

I love breakbot! Check out The Siriusmo edit of 'baby I'm Yours'

Here said...

@Bastille : Honestly I don't know, that's how he tagged his song, so I guess that somehow he feels like he is doing 'post dubstep'

LinkChina Christmas said...

Thanks for your great post.

Boba Fettuccini said...

He sent me the Carnavalito track too, but I wasn't impressed.