Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting Ready For Another Festival Review

At first glance this post might look completely random, but I assure you it isn’t. The tracks I am about to post were all played by me at my very first DJ session! And they are insanely addictive and good too off course.

Janelle Monae – Tightrope (TEAM BANZAI Remix) [click to download]

Let’s start off by throwing in some Team Banzai (still going on as our artists of the month). The original already caught my interest, but the extra funk my recently befriended producing duo brings, makes it perfect in my opinion. Bass guitar FTW on this one. On another note, Banzai sent me their entire song collection not so long ago. So I’ll make sure to keep you posted on whichever good stuff I can dig up out of the lot.

Mr. Moustache – Big Tasty (Magna's Gonna Bring You Down Remix) [click to download]

Next one is a remix of Mr. Moustache’s Big Tasty we posted a little while ago. Oh and yeah it’s from our little boy Magna… This isn’t Magna’s latest version of the remix, because I simply like this temporary version way better (sorry Maggie :p).

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Shook Remix) [click to download]

And I’ll throw in this simple but amazing remix of Lisztominia by Shook. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy posting yet another remix of this song, but give it a listen and yell at me in the comments if you didn’t like it.

Riva Starr feat. Rettore – Splendido (Vocal Mix) [click to download]

And the last track is a Riva Starr one, Balkan Disco that’ll make you move those rumps for sure.

And that seamlessly brings me to the next thing I need you readers to help me with, because Riva Starr is one of the many artists I will be seeing at I love Techno next weekend. I want to ask your opinion on what acts to look out for. I will then go and dance my ass off to said DJ’s and write an accurate and detailed review post with lots of tracks. Your say in this is important to me because without you guys I would never have discovered Yuksek last year.

Line up can be found over here


Champiness said...

19:00-21:30 (Any room)
Whatever you think is best; I don’t know any of those artists.

21:30-01:00 (Green room)
Ellen Allien and Underworld back-to-back! What more could you ask for?

01:00-02:00 (Blue room)
Can't go wrong with Goose.
Alternatively, the Orange room for the rest of Crookers and then Bloody Beetroots. Can’t help you past that if you go that route, though.

2:00-3:30 (Yellow room)
Vitalic has a good live reputation. I’d especially go if it’s one of his “V Mirror” shows.
If you’re not in the mood for that, you could see Fake Blood. Either way, you would get in their entire sets. It’s purely a matter of preference.

3:30-4:30 (Any room)
Take a well-deserved break after all this running I’ve got you doing!
Alternatively, you could catch the rest of any of the acts currently playing.

4:30-6:30 (Red room)
Send off the night with Robert Hood and Pierre.

Of course, my opinion means nothing compared to yours. You know what you like and what you want to see. For instance, you obviously know more about Riva Starr than I do. You may want to plan your day around him.

Paperboatz said...

Really loving that Magna's remix. Very nice thanks!