Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Charlie says...

Hi there people and pets,

The Phantom’s Revenge did it again: he made me neglect all online trackhunting, made me mute all my internet applications and most importantly… He made my week.
You guessed it alright, the new Charlie EP is live and kicking, so here’s a little review.

Artwork is tight as always

I’m afraid I’m too lazy to review the entire EP, so here are my two most favourite songs:

The Phantom's Revenge - Machine Gun Girl (Original Mix)

Machine Gun Girl starts off rather heavy, not exactly like your average TPR song. But the song slowly morphs into a house tune and when the timer hits the one minute mark this track becomes amazing. Killervocals, chopping skills even Edward Scissorhands wouldn’t be able to catch up to… And just when the track tends to get a little repetitive, The Phantom switches it up and the madness begins! I’m afraid I have to stop rambling now or I’ll appear to be a fanboy… And we blog writers are obliged to stay composed and stay objective (TPR, please adopt me and raise me to be a genius like yourself, I’m not that old… You could still pull it off).

Onto the next amazing track, Mr. Fahrenheit.

The Phantom's Revenge - Mr. Fahrenheit (Original Mix)

The first second I heard this song, I immediately recognized the “Arabesque - In the heat of a disco night” sample that was also used in the superpopular I Think I Like It track by Fake Blood. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t get the chance to listen to this song without being brainwashed by the Fake Blood song. Otherwise this song would be fresh and amazing, right now it’s just amazing.

Told you it would be a short review, now go buy the damn EP and listen to it all week like the big boys before The Phantom’s Revenge decides to go mainstream and we don’t think he’s cool anymore

Mr. Brown


prez jordan said...

sonofabitch! I was going to post this!

Attack Yourself! said...

What? No love for Last Man Standing?

prez jordan said...

Can't post em all I'm afraid. That's really pushing it.

And I guess Brownie prefers these two :P I for one Like Charlie and Mr. Fahrenheit the most.

I also picked up a microsample of "Music Sounds Better With You" and the Paradise's "In Love With You" in Mr. Fahrenheit

Also, the WOOAH synth sound that appears twice is from a Raw Man track, I think Number Seven?

Mr. Brown said...

To be honest, I did a micro-review so another writer could review the other songs if they wanted to... Just coudn't keep myself from posting though :p

And all tracks are just as amazing, it's just not fair having to pick favourites.

Boba Fettuccini said...

He's too weird to go mainstream. He's an acquired taste.

Here said...

Well, lady gaga has a weird nose and she's mainstream, so who knows !

(Yeah, I had to talk about her nose, it's been a while).

Mr. Brown said...

@ Prez: That WHOAH synth sound sounds exactly like the "Telex - Moscow Diso" intro WHOAH, just saying.

Anonymous said...


Ross said...

hey, anyone know where to find this on vinyl? I've been out of the loop for a while due to school but now that i'm graduating i need to get back into the vinyl buying game.

Ross said...

oh wait, i think i found the answer, it appears that it won't be released until the 10th so i must wait