Friday, 3 December 2010

Crossing the Rubicon

"Don't Fuck With The Chuck."

Hey guys ,it's Nite, back at you with another post. I do apologize for the incredibly delayed posting, but I have to prep for my finals and ready myself for winter break, of which I am almost certain I will be posting a LOT more than recently. Also, On a side note, I recently downloaded the new Tron legacy Soundtrack last Tuesday (the 23rd of November) and I must say: It was one of the best damn soundtracks I have EVER heard, and I have heard a LOT. (Then again, It IS Daft Punk, so it was already bound to be EPIC.) Right, on with what you ACTUALLY want to hear :)

First off, a brilliant edit of an excellent Tron legacy Track from Basic Slack. Starts off a little bit slow, but eventually turns into an eargasm.

Daft Punk - Solar Sailer (Basic Slack Edit) [click to download]

The second track is probably the most disjointed and downright bizarre one you'll ever see me put up ever. The bands name is Bracken, and they made 1 or 2 albums before stopping altogether (They weren't very good trust me on this). However, there were a couple of songs that definitely were enjoyable, if not somewhat creepy. They're a cross between post-industrial rock and electronica, an odd combo. Anyways, here's a track that I definitely liked. i hope some of you like this track as well.

Bracken - Back On The Calder Line [click to download]

Next we have a Chicago House-esque Track by Galactik Knights featuring the lovely voice of Sowelu. Quite charming to listen to. Definitely one of my top tracks to listen to.

Galactik Knights (Feat. Sowelu) - Happiness [click to download]

A wicked track from Vangeli and AN21.

Max Vangeli and AN21 - Swedish Beauty [click to download]

Finally, because something somewhat old-school needs to be on here:

Kings of Tomorrow - Ego Trip [click to download]

Ame futte ji Katamaru,

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Gongchime said...

Love Daft Punk but who doesn't?