Monday, 14 February 2011

Anthology Mashup

Hi everyone

Just a few days ago, young DJ Porter Robinson, dropped an awesome Wolfgang Gartner Mix. After the video went up on youtube, people started clamoring for it. After Ilictronix learned it was made by Madeon, the 16 year old house prodigy, we contacted him for the mp3. Here it is, the ilictronix exclusive Madeon Wolfgang Gartner Mix.

Wolfgang Gartner - Anthology Mashup [click to download]

(Don't remember Madeon ? Read this)

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Genious! Loving it!

R. Marinelli said...

Illiamerica version???

Anonymous said...

so clearly the next big thing

Anonymous said...

this kid is going to be huge

Robert said...

I'd say that's a bit premature. By a bit I mean way way way premature. He's 16 years old!

DMC said...

I adore and hate Madeon in equal measure... But that's jealousy for you!!

Seriously, someone needs to verify that kids birth certificate - it CAN'T be possible to be THAT good a producer at 16... Can it!?!?

I just hope he doesn't do the Hollywood thing, peak too soon and disappear in a haze of money and substance abuse. Or worse still, become David Guetta and make the same record 20 times, each 'feat' whichever RnB starlet is currently topping Billboard.

Madeon, if you read this, keep it real, and may The Force be with you!