Sunday, 13 March 2011

I Thought You Were The Truth...

So a few weeks ago I went to Big Day Out, an Australian multi-genre music festival (I apologise if I failed to mention this, i've been a bit distracted recently by moving 500km to the city for University) and my far the highlight of my day was a smaller act, Pnau. Gaining most of their success through the ever catchy track 'baby', this talented duo is headed by none other than Nick Littlemore of ‘Empire of the Sun’.

At the start of their set they made my year by playing three, as of yet, unreleased tracks. Disappointingly I was far too caught up in the moment to remember the names of the tracks, however fortunately for you I have been able to track down one of the tracks and even get my hands on the entire single before it's public release.

Also, adding to your fortune I was able to find it in better audio quality than any other blogs (though alas it’s in m4a format). Let me present to you 'The Truth'! The singles tracklist is as follows:

Pnau – The Truth (Original) [click to download m4a]

Pnau – The Truth (Radio Edit) [download disabled]

Pnau – The Truth (Sam La More Remix) [download disabled]

Pnau – The Truth (Chris Lake Remix) [download disabled]

Pnau – The Truth (High Highs Remix) [download disabled]

Pnau – The Truth (WAFA Remix) [download disabled]

Enjoy :D

Looking for the rest of the EP? Then might I give you a subtle reminder that there are vast amounts of booty buried throughout the Ilictronix servers, for those sneaky enough to find them of course.

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