Thursday, 21 April 2011

Claude Perdu

Hi guys

Today, I present you Claude Perdu, stage name of Sebastian De Deyne. I don't have much to say about the guy, mainly because the "about" section of his blog is coming soon, and we all know what that means...

All I know is he's from Belgium and I like his sounds, a lot. Some of his tracks are Moombahton, something between Raggaeton and Dutch House, at least that's what wikipedia told me.

So far he released only two original tracks, but a quantity of quality remixes and edits, so here are the ones that particularly caught my attention.

Claude Perdu - Wendigo [click to download]

Sinden & WAFA - Afrodizzier (Claude Perdu's Indian Moombahton remix) [click to download]

Screendeath - Packback (Claude Perdu's Moombahton Edit) [click to download]

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Claude Perdu remix) [click to download]

Sebastien Leger - Talisman (Claude Perdu's Tiger Edit) [click to download]

Attack Yourself! - Apricity (Claude Perdu remix) [click to download]

Enjoy !
-Here, trying to discovere new things.


camping forum said...

it is a wonderful post

Colour said...

Isn't that the koala that gets punched in the face?

Karla Anne said...

finally catching up on my musics and had to stop in and say i am loving this shit. reminds me of like... etienne de crecy. sorta. mama like.