Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day Of Anger

Hey people !

About a month ago Mondkopf announced that he will release Day Of Anger, a 1000 copies only EP, featuring 4 unreleased tracks (only one of them will be in his forthcoming LP : Rising Doom, out 04/18/2011).

So, Friday (friday, friday, gettin' down on friday...) was a normal day, after I got back from work I saw a letter on my chair, with an unknown handwriting... There it was !

The CD comes with a 16 pages fanzine made of old newspaper articles and photos mashups that keep you in the mood while listening to the tracks. The whole thing is handmade, I think I could even remove the black sticker that covers the CD, and in a way, that's what I like about it, you can do quality things without a lot of money, a major company or 24/7 radio/tv promo, just your soul and hands.

Edit: By request of Mondkopf's label, Fool House, the downloads and streams have been removed, but you can listen to a preview of the tracks via Soundcloud. - Alex.

Mondkopf - Day Of Anger [removed by request of the label]

Day Of Anger starts with a quiet piano melody, that slowly gets wiped off by a buzzy noise, I remember that sound... that's the track I remember the most from his live @ La Gaîté Lyrique (That you can still watch here). One word is enough to describe this song, oppressive.

Mondkopf - Eastern Revolt (Feat. Oomiaq) [removed by request of the label]

Same mood here, very deep. It has that "Mondkopf style progression" I love. The only downside is that it's not long enough, it seemed to last way longer live, but maybe not.

Mondkopf - New-York [removed by request of the label]

New-York is really short, I see it as how you would think of New-York if you've never heard of it, a little british colony far far away. That song made me remember Wisp's cover of Greensleeve, and when you compare something to Wisp, it's that it's good !

Mondkopf - Euphoria [removed by request of the label]

Finally, Euphoria, my favorite track. Incredibly exciting, I guess it'll be the ending song for his lives now, the few times I've seen him it was his remix of Nil - Ma Disconica which is really powerful played live, better than the "original version" that came out a year after he first played it during a set.

Overall, a very good, but a bit too short EP that you can still buy here, but hurry up, I don't know how many copies are left.

Cover of Rising Doom

Nil - Ma Disconica (Mondkopf remix) [click to download]

Yeah I said the live version was better, but the original's still good, so listen to it !



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