Thursday, 20 March 2014

Feel the Music in your Heart

Hey guys, it's Nite. I apologize if this post seems a bit random/short. I had intended to do either an album review or a record label post initially. However, my Stepmother just passed away this past Sunday, so I'm not really up for doing that post at the moment. Instead, I'm going to post a bunch of tracks that I really like. So yeah...Enjoy.

Stars on 33 - I Feel the Music In Your Heart (Kris Menace and Lifelike Remix) [click to download] |HTML5|

Nujabes feat. Shing02 - Luv(sic) Part 2 [click to download] |HTML5|


Bjork - All is Full of Love (Chris.Su Remix) [click to download] |HTML5|


Washed Out - Amor Fati [click to download] |HTML5|


Daft Love everyone,



Claude Van Foxbat said...

Oh man that's rough. Feel free to take some time off you need to

Nite said...

Thanks for the concern, but I won't need to take time off per se. I may not post as much, however.